My 2 year anniversary post!

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My 2 year anniversary post!

It has been just over 2 years since I got my bridge camera and really thought about taking photography more seriously. It's a long post and many of the photos are sized for my blog (1024px), so I will post the link to my blog post rather than post so many huge files here.

I hope this shows I have progressed a little. I don't do much portrait photography right now as my kids are less than cooperative I do more candid stuff of them now.

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Wow, even though I can see some of the faults that you point out, there are some really lovely photos in there!
Where did you have your canvas's printed? I have been thinking of having a few printed.

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LOL at the crotch-sniffing dog!!! I really enjoyed your blog Kerry! And as you know I'm a big fan of your photography! You've come such a long way and I hope to be at your level someday soon! Smile I LOVE the nursing photo too, ♥ and your new family photo!

edit: I hadn't heard the term "bridge camera" before but I like it, now that I know what it is....and that also means that if I include my own bridge camera, then my timeline has already been four and a half years, whoa. And now that I own a DSLR I am realizing more every day how much capability my Fuji really did have (and still has), that I didn't fully use at the time.

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I just looked at your ILP post.... HUGE improvements!!! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope to do my own anniversary post next Feb Smile

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great improvement! I love the last self portrait. you look beautiful!

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I truly enjoyed your blog post! It's amazing how someone can start off already at a point where so many would consider them 'well schooled' as a photog and still grow as much as you have in the last 2 years. You inspire me to keep learning and hoping that someday I can show that kind of progress too.


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where is it hiding on ILP? the landscape photos are all chopped when I look at your blog (not sure if that's just the way my browser sees it, but I have a wide monitor so I should be able to see them all). love the progression, so neat to see the improvement. and your commentary totally cracked me up!!!! thanks for sharing this!

and great family portrait!!!

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Gwen, it had slipped down to page 4 already! I doubt it would help as I linked to my blog on that post too.

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They were chopped when I viewed them too, but not too bad. I thought it was one of those situations where you'd have to scroll horizontally but that wasn't an option.

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Wow! I did enjoy that Smile

You have grown and I love your self portraits, so amazing!

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Kerry what amazing growth! I absolutely adore the breastfeeding self portrait--just gorgeous!

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Lovely workk Kerry. You have shown such great improvement! You have grown tremendously.

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You have improved dramatically! I only hope to one day take as great of photos as you!

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Awww, thanks everyone! I think I owe a lot of my personal growth in the last 6 months to taking part in a 365 project. Sometimes it is tedious to take a photo every single day BUT it has taught me a lot, forced me to think outside the box sometimes and made me strive to get a better shot than yesterday (which I admit doesn't always work, lol!) I upgraded from my minolta to a Nikon D300 at the end of May and feels like I have taken a few steps back, but that's ok! It's half the fun.