My 2nd attempt with my beach background CC PRETTY PLEASE : )

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My 2nd attempt with my beach background CC PRETTY PLEASE : )

My boys are to the point where they wish ill stay out their face with the Camera. But ima try
I know the blanket is kinda messed up but they JUST WOULD NOT Be still I had to take What i could get And here it is.

ISO 800

family09-10 077_filtered

family09-10 078_filtered

family09-10 079_filtered

family09-10 081_filtered

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hey those are really cute Smile i like that background! where did you get it from? I love your edits. I just wish that shadow wasn't there! otherwise great job Smile

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They look great, only thing buggin me is the shadows. Gosh they are so cute Smile The blanket being a little messed up just makes me think they are sittin in beach sand hehe.

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I think you are doing great with your camera. I am not a big fan of backgrounds like that, but I do think you did just as good as the other professionals who use those backgrounds like WM! Biggrin I think the blanket looks like sand as well. Your boys are super cute. I too just wish there wasn't a shadow.

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No CC to offer, but I just wanted to say that you gotta love that last one with all three boys looking at the camera. That is a great photo to frame!

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I think they're cute too, even with the wrinkles, like Jennifer said.
#1 looks a little soft; #2 and 3 have great color, just darker shadows on the bg....if they sat further away from it it'd be better...
#3 is a cute grouping but it's cropped too tight with some foot & knee chops, and your youngest looks a little too bright compared to the others.

p.s. I know what you mean about them being sick of the camera--my daughter lately has been sick of me taking her pic too!

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Thanks Ladies

Ok im seeing the Shadows now : ( IDK why but they just Kept Moving back. Like they were running from me ..LOL I just wanted to get a decent shot before the youngest two started to whine and cry and my battery was going dead also.
A friend saw them and is bringing her son over Sunday to have pictures done With the Background.
I will keep all CC in mind

She wants a 18X 24 Picture :eek:
BTW all are SOOC expect #3

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I don't have any input as i'm a newbie. I just wanted to say you have CUTE babies! Smile