My 365 is blah!

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My 365 is blah!

I've missed 2 or 3 days now in the past month!!!!! I'm disappointed in myself but I'm not really in the right place for a 365 anymore. Too many other things going on really. I still take out my camera for pictures just not every day. Ugh!!! I thought I could keep up with it but I guess I was wrong. I've been thinking of just doing snap shots for the rest of my 365. P&S or my Canon, flash or not. The whole point of me doing the 365 was just to try to take a picture every day. I could keep going but I've missed 3 days already. I haven't really been trying but I think I'll keep going even if I've skipped a day or two here and there. What do you think? Ok to take snapshots as my 365? I know a lot of people do challenges and such for their 365 and try to think outside the box. But for me it was always just about taking one picture a day and it doesn't matter what kind of picture it is kwim? Think I should continue? Smile


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I say, KEEP GOING FOR SURE! I admire you so much for taking the project on, and I think of it like a diet... you may fall off the wagon once in a while, but it is worth it to get back on!

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Yes keep going!!! Smile as long as you still enjoy it, and as long as you don't start to hate it LOL!

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Keep going. I'm having a hard time myself. Haven't missed a day yet, but it is hard to deal with the pressure of trying to get a share worthy photo every day.

Some days I really want to quit!

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I'd say keep going. I've joined ILP's 365. Keeps me going for sure. Most of my pictures are snaps.

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You've gotta keep going! Don't worry if the pics are just snaps - this project should really be about recording your life, not trying for the perfect picture every time.

Take care,

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Keep going!!!
I am in the same boat and am really struggling with it. Most times I can at least take a picture, but I get behind with taking of the camera, editing, etc. But I guess the point is to take a picture a day, right?

Lately mine have all been snaps..and boring ones at that! Someone told me though, that my pictures might be boring to myself, but to others they may be interesting. *shrug*

Anyways, KEEP AT IT!

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Thanks for the encouragement Smile i'm going to keep going. I have been taking lots of snap (flash and all) lately. I mean, I try to edit them to where I think they look alright without being way to processed. But whatever Smile they look ok to me. Lately I've been focusing a lot on my weight loss and moving process. It's been a bit difficult to concentrate and remember to take a picture a day. I'm behind on my ABC challenge Lol I try though! I've been fiddling around with pictures and doing comparison stuff since I've lost 40 pounds so far so it's been fun seeing the differences. here's one I made today for example. lol yep... this is taking up a lot of my time but I am having fun doing it. haha

8 month comparison by loidaeg, on Flickr

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Look at you!! You look fantastic! Great job on the weight loss!!

I'm just going to echo the others. I'm glad you're going to keep going with it, because all that matters is what GiGi said: You're doing it to document your life. You don't have to have the most "perfect" picture every day.

I'm doing a P52 this year, and I might take the plunge and do a 365 next year. I'm sure I'll need this encouragement when I do decide to do it! Wink

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I agree 100% with what Gigi said. Although it's hard not to nitpick your own photos (I know I'm my worst critic!), I think the spirit of the 365 is to document your life, or some aspect of it, every day. You may take a pic you think is horrible today, but some years down the line, you may look at it and remember good times.

So I vote to keep it up, even if you do miss a day or two here and there.