My attempt at macro

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My attempt at macro

I've wanted a macro for a long time and was finally able to get one. SUPER SHARP! SO please with it. Here's my attempt:

1. f/3.2, ISO 160, ss 1/640

2.1/1000, ISO 160, f/4.0

3.with texture:

4.1/800, f/3.5, ISO 100

I then attempted the sunset. I couldn't get a sunburst. Anyone have any thoughts what i could've changed to get it (i'm looking to Gwen, queen of the sun burst Smile )

5. 1/1000, f/8.0, ISO 100

6.1/500, f/7.1, ISO 100

CC always welcome TIA Smile

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I want a macro lens! What was your focal length for these?

1. Love the colors here!!! So pretty

2. I don't know if it's a DOF issue or a chromatic aberration, but your stem seems to have an outline on it. Hmmmmm

3. LOVE the texture! beautiful! I'd order thank you cards with this as the front picture from one of the online photo sites if I were you.

4. wondering if you have some blown color here. just feel like we're losing some detail ...

ROFL at the queen title! you need a tighter aperture and consequently a slower SS to get the sunburst. mine are usually around ap 18-21 and the SS is depending on the sky to the side of the sun when I meter.

5. this is a very nice capture ... wish you could have gotten the sun more "contained" but that's definitely an aperture thing.

6. yep, close the ap and you'll be even happier with this picture. but I am LOVING the reflection on the water, very nice!

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thanks Gwen!! Smile
When i checked back on the camera data it said the focal length was 100mm as the macro is not a zoom lens i suspected they'll all be the same.

Will seek out another sunset and attempt another burst. I thought due to the time of day as well is why i wasn't getting it. I took this one on our May long weekend, it was about 2:00p.m. 'ish with my 28-75mm, can't find the rest of the camera data tho:

i don't know why the stem looks that way...same on the SOOC. camera shake maybe? i was shooting in manual focus and that lens makes my camera heavy Smile

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Beautiful! These make me want a macro lens.

LOVE the texture on #3. I agree with Gwen, these would make beautiful thank you cards!

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Ooh I love the sharpness!!! My favorite is the orange marigold. I really like that texture too although it seems like it needs a little more at the lower right corner to even it out (?) just my thinking.

I really love your sunset photos too. I have been itching to try out sunbursts too....but I'm not sure my lenses have the ability to go so high in the aperture #? Do you need a special lens to achieve 15+ aperture #?

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NEW TOYS ROCK! And you are already rockin' this new lens!!!!

1. This is SO pretty! The colors are so soft and the bokeh so creamy, but everything is perfectly sharp and in focus.

2. I love how only the centermost petals are in focus and then it fades further and further into that soft bokeh. WOW!


4. Pretty flower, but this oen seems a bit over exposed. I don't see the crips focus on the center petals like in the previous shots. It comes off looking OOF, but I think the real problem is that it's just a tad over exposed.

5. Sunburst or not, this is a truly lovely sunet photo! The colors are warm and soft. You can see just enough detailin the boat, but you don't get the feel that it's just underexposed. It's perfect.

6. I liek this one ... the reflection on the water is AMAZING! But I do wish the horizon was a little higher or a little lower so that it's not so centered. With that awesome reflection, I think I would prefer that the horizon be higher up toward the top third of the frame.

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! These are GREAT!


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Green with envy over your 100mm Macro!!! That is one lens I'd love to have Smile

I think you have some amazing shots here. I LOVE #3 with the texture applied. It would be beautiful on a card!! I also really love #6. I think #5 was kind of lost without the actual sun burst, the placement of the sun is just kind of off, but I see what you were going for!

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Thanks all. I think i'm going to blow up the #3 and give to my parents. They need some art work on the walls in their bathroom Smile Or maybe 5 and 6 as a pair... Smile
am so bummed about that missing sunburst in 5.