My baby is 6 months!! And a very special share...(10 pics)

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My baby is 6 months!! And a very special share...(10 pics)

I can't believe that my little boy turned 6 months this past week! What a whirlwind few months. This boy is a such a blessing and so happy all the time. I wanted to capture him and make it good - I've been so frustrated with photography lately and during the shoot was no different. These were taken over 3 days between ear infections and stomach bugs! I hope I did ok. We're at the beach this weekend so I'm taking him down there to finish his shoot off...but what do you think so far? (Didn't edit these on my iMac so I'm not positive on the color...will check when I get home)

All shot around f4.0/ss 160/iso 200






6. PPed this one differently...not loving it, but wanted to try something a little bolder

7. My special shot. My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer a little over 6 years ago. This was in tribute to him - His guitar, one of his hats, and Cole is a Scorpio, just like my dad...wearing his scorpio shirt. I cole_007web


9. An outtake! hehehe

10. And a paci shot...just too cute to pass up - centered and all!

Hope you enjoyed! Never went for my paper, but the blue really brought out his eyes. I

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These are great! No real CC from me...I'm sure there are lots of things that could be fixed...but why even focus on that. You love these and they look great to me.

My fav is #2. He's just so cute!

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Your baby is so cute and chubby!!! My favorite is #8.

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Time goes by way to fast when their that age!

My fav is #7. His expression is sweet and as you stated, holds so much for you personally.

But in all it's a great set!

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These are wonderful! I love the special shots and that paci one is too cute!

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LOVE them!!! I can't believe he's 6 months already. The time certainly flies!!!

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OMG so stinkin cute!!!! #3 is so cute with the tie! I think #2 is my fav out of the bunch, but it's too hard to just pick one when they are all so cute!

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I think they're all adorable. And I love the special shots, and that they mean so much.

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Awww, 6 months is such a great age! He is adorable. I think my fave is #2 but I also like 7, 8 & the paci one (I have a paci lover myself!)

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I can't decide which one is my favorite--they're all so cute! I do love the black background and reflection on the plexi in #3, but I also love the shots that really bring out the blue in his eyes.

Your sweet tribute photo has inspired me. I might try to do something similar with Tyler that combines fishing and John Deere (my father worked for JD long ago and always wore his cap fishing).

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There are so many great shots here, it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm rather partial to the guitar shots, especially the b&w conversions. Your conversions look REALLY nice!

Can't wait to see what shots you bring back from the beach. Smile


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Awww...he's so darn cute! Love those eyes! My fav is #8. Precious and thanks for sharing the meaning. Brought tears to my eyes. He would be so proud!

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so cute! I love all of them. I think you did great. and yes that blue does bring out his eyes. wow! Smile