My baby is thirteen! (set of 8 for HHCC)

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My baby is thirteen! (set of 8 for HHCC)

It is monsoon season, so temps dropped from 115 to 105 and it got a little breezy before the rain started. Since it was the night before she turned 13, I grabbed DD for about 15 minutes at the entrance to the subdivision ("NO Mom, people will see me!") and between cars (she ducked and looked away every time she saw a car) got a few shots. Please CC on everything so I can grow!

I struggled with getting light in her dark eyes (it was too windy for me to manage the reflector).
ETA: looking oversharpened off flickr... hmmm

1. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/60 I was wanting a a full body shot, but struggled to keep her in focus. Should I have gone for an f-stop of around 4? Upped my ISO to lower my shutter speed?
13 031bweb

2. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/100 Another attempt at a full body shot, but this time was only worried about her eyes being in focus.
13 086bweb

3. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/50 wind caught her hair...
13 081bweb

4. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/50 Does this conversion work?
13 077cweb

5. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/50 trying a different comp
13 097web

6. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/100 I liked this window, but my camera refused to focus on HER, just on the iron pane. Tips?
13 023bweb

7. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/60 Are we done yet?
13 137web

8. ISO 200, f/2.8, SS 1/50 FINALLY a real smile
13 116bweb

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What a lovely girl you have! Smile Happy Birthday to her! I think your composition is great! What I did notice though is that your shutter speeds are all below 125. I wouldn't go any lower than 125. That's probably why some of them look a bit soft. But you did great regardless! Smile

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what a beauty!!!!! you really have some wonderful shots here! That's so funny that she was ducking when the cars were coming.

It's late and I'm truly delirious. I'll have to come back later for CC for you.

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I think #2 would be awesome with a smile!! My favorite, though is #4. Love the comp and the b&w!! I think you did a wonderful job Biggrin

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Your 'baby' is a beautiful young woman! Hope you guys have your shot gun ready. Wink

Here's my $0.02 worth:

1. I think a higher iso and a faster ss would have made this even better. But even with that said, she looks good and it seems she is fully in focus. When in doubt, you can always close up your aperture more. I like the composition here ... it feels kinda 'sassy.'

2. NICE! I wish she had given you just a hint of a smile here, but I understand ... she's 13 after all. Color, focus, and exposure all look really well done here.

3. I like hte wind blown look. And for such dark eyes, you got good light in them as well. The smile looks a little forced, but again ... she's a teen, right?

4. VERY NICE CONVERSION!!! Just enough contrast to make her pop, but not so much that you loose detail in the blacks. I love this one!

5. This is a good crop. I wish you had zoomed out just a TOUCH more so that all of her hair was shown (it looks chopped on her right just a tad). did you use a fill flash here?

6. I think you did pretty well despite the problem getting your camera to focus where you wanted it. In this case, a slightly more closed up aperture might have helped (maybe f/4). That way it wouldn't matter so much if the focus fell on the window pane b/c she would also be in focus. And with such a good separation from the background, you should still have nice bokeh at that f-stop. The only think I would change abut this shot is that I would rotate it just a tad so that the middle of the window pane was perfectly vertical. Since the focus hit that pane so strongly, it needs to be aligned right. I find myself turning my head as I look at it. With all of that said, this is one of my favorites of this set.

7. I know this look, but it's still a nice shot. I love those beautiful ringlets of hers!

8. GREAT SMILE! Again, I think I would have bumped the iso so you could use a higher shutter speed, but this is still a very nice shot! The expression is genuine, her hair perfectly frames her face. Well done!

Great set, Beth! Your young lady is truly lovely and I hope we get to see lots more of her. Smile


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Hehe, I love that you captured her "13ness"! I can totally see her saying, "But mom people are looking!" But if they are looking it's probably just because she's a beautiful young lady, not that she realizes that yet ;).

You did get some pretty good focus on most of these. You probably could have gotten a little better focus with a higher ss, but they look pretty good for an ss as low as even 1/50:eek:!
You have already gotten some really good feedback, but here's my opinion; I think I would like to see these just a little bit brighter. It looks like it was a little overcast when you took these. It's great light though because you got a lot of detail and didn't have to worry about blowing out the skin or harsh shadows (my most frequent problem!). But I think you could brighten them up just a tad (just my personal tastes).
You could probably put a little more light in her eyes in PS (if you are into that, I know some people aren't), just don't go crazy like I always do (I just don't know when to stop :ROFL:).
I really think you have a few to print out and hang on the wall that you can enjoy and she can be embarrassed about when she wants to bring home a boy for you to meet :ROFL:!
**Not that these pics are anything to be embarrassed about, she really is beautiful, but you know how teenage girls are sometimes!**

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Thanks for the CC everyone! I have 2 or 3 more shoots planned with her (and maybe some of her best buds) for the next month or so...

She is having a paint party for her birthday and I am buying a GIANT heavy duck cloth canvas for them to spray paint and graffiti (and I can use it as an urban backdrop Smile since there is't much neat graffiti around here.

I also found a pecan orchard (gotta watch out for rattle snakes though... this has been a BAD year in my area) for a whimsical shoot
planning a western theme shoot for her and some friends at Rawhide or Goldfield