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my big guy

as part of my Mother's Day treats, DH agreed to sit in front of the camera for me and let me play around a bit with some studio lighting. These were my favorites of the set. All shots were taken w/ my 50mm at iso 100 and ss = 1/200. Aperture varied from about f/4.0 to f/7.5





Normally, I would have used some kind of a hair light when using a black background. Especially since DH's hair is almost blue-black itself. But for this shoot, I wanted it like this. I probably wouldn't shoot it like this again, but for this one time, I'm kinda happy w/ the results. Smile

As always, c&c is GREATLY appreciated.

Looking at these .... I think I married very well. Wink


p.s. Is anyone else having trouble posting here today??? I've tried to post this thread 3 times, tried to reply to other threads, and keep getting timed out. Not sure if the problem is on this end or not. *sigh* It's very frustrating either way.

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GiGi, these are awesome! My MD gift that I ask for every year is a portrait of my kids. But it was cold and windy here yesterday, so we're going to try to do it this evening. So I totally understand your request of a shoot for MD. Wink

I love the dramatic lighting in this set, very cool! The processing on the first is cool, I really dig it.

2. Love that there's no glare on his glasses, I think this one is super cool too.

3. This one isn't doing it for me. Don't tell him, but I think he looks older here. I think it's just the full on angle that's doing it.

4. I don't care for this one either. I think I know what you're going for, but the angle seems off. I can't explain how I'd do it though, so my CC isn't very helpful, is it? was down for a few hours today, sucked!

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Hi! Yes at many points throughout today, I've gotten a "database error" when trying any of the sites, even the main page, as well as "page cannot be displayed". It also said at one point that the site was down due to technical problems.

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I would say you married well too! I bet you were thrilled that he agreed to sit down for you! What a great Mother's Day gift!

My fav is #3. Yummy!

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I love the lighting in all the pictures very dramatic/moody!!!

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm SO happy w/ this set. I was trying to learn how to use my speedlight to trigger the strobes. And while the process wasn't difficult, it did take some tweaking to get exposure close to what it should be. Smile

DH was a real tropper and he liked these enough that he used one as his facebook profile pic! That made me SO PROUD! Biggrin

I'm glad seems 'better' today. I've only lost 1 post so far.

Thanks again,

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Love the moodiness here GiGi Smile #2 and #4 are my favs. Any tips for avoiding glare in the glasses you care to share? Smile Wish my DH was this cooperative and yes, you married very well Biggrin

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Handsome hubby! The lighting is very dramatic and he poses very well Smile

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Nice job! I really love #2. #2 has just the right amount of shadow on the right side of his face to add character (and a touch of mystery). I like the angle of his head in #4 but wish there were slightly more contrast in his face. The composition of #3 is nice as well, but I wish his eyes showed more catchlighting (that's been the hardest thing for me to get with my dark-eyed son). I personally like the cool white vs. the sepia in #1, but that's just a personal preference. I do like how the sepia allowed you to capture more subtle details, like the pattern of his shirt.

I need to get my DH to pose for me. He's slightly less hyper than my four-year-old!

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My favorite is #2. I like #4 too because of its playfulness. I agree with Janet on liking #1 for the shirt detail. The light in his eyes looks a lot like pinlights, although I know it's surely not. I wish my hubby would pose for me. But I don't have any studio setup lighting. Yet. Smile