My brother's camera equipment

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My brother's camera equipment

My brother is visiting right now from Hong Kong, and he said to me last night that he almost brought his Canon 5D Mark II with him, to leave with me as a loaner till at least summer. He prefers range-finders to SLRs and has several cameras, though he says if he did portraits more he'd use the 5D more often. It would've been fun to play with that, though I'm so pleased with my 100% awesome husband who bought me the 60D!

My brother did lend me his 50mm f/1.8 prime lens for a while, which is awesome!!

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Any goodie is a goodie right?! ENJOY the 50mm 1.8! I fell in love with photography all over again when I got that and again when I got my 85mm, 1.8! Can't wait to see some shots!

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Bummer about the 5D, but awesome about the 50mm!! I love mine and it stays on my camera about 95% of the time. Have any shots to share with it yet?

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Yeah, I took a few... not sure when I'll have time to post, I'm so sick right now and my brother is staying here too. But I'll try to soon!

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I'm sorry you're sick, but I hope you get to enjoy your new toy AND your brother's visit.

Hang in there!


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I got Micah to stop crying long enough to get Nora to school and have him occupied temporarily, so before my brother gets up and I try to get some rest later, here are a few of the shots I've taken around the house with the lens. I haven't exactly done a lot with it yet, but it will be awfully nice to have!

Nora's Ornament

My niece:
Lucie's Birthday

Micah on my brother's leg:
Ride Time

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Yay for getting to play with some equipment! You got some great holiday shots so far hope you get plenty more.