My Christmas Card

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My Christmas Card

Nathan's photo shoot yesterday was really fun...but today...Getting the family photo for the back of the card was darn near impossible. I set up the shots and had my Mom take them. It was very VERY stressful for me. I couldn't control more than the settings and couldn't see how things were turning out. Plus Nathan was not feeling at all cooperative.

There were no perfect images...but this one was the easiest head swaps or fancy photoshop needed. We had actually put the camera away for about 15 minutes before deciding to try a shot in the window of this little shack. The light was practically all gone, so I was pushing my camera to the very limits...thinking "oh...I only need a small image". Luckily, my mother was somehow able to get the focus fairly decent at 2.8! and the noise reduction software was able to take care of my ridiculous 2500 or so ISO and she left plenty of room for me to crop to my liking.

Found the templates at ILP...used two different ones. The calendar is an altered version of one posted by Stephanie Colston and the front...multi image template is from smarie.

Anyway....what do you think? It's going to be printed on a two sided flat 5x7 card.

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Looks great! And your mom did a terrific job, I really like the family photo! Those are some really fun photos of Nathan for the front.

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Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented, Amber.

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Your card is AMAZING! I love the template for the front - such a great way to share so many wonderful shots of your adorable boy. And the family shot came out VERY well!



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LOVE it! That is just great! I would love to do that for our family!

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Great card! Wonderful shots, and your mother got a great family shot too. Love the one of Nathan leaning in to kiss the stuffed animals! Too cute!