My Christmas card pic

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My Christmas card pic

Hello!! I'm finally getting settle after our big move, a mile away, hehe, but were still living with boxes. I haven't been able to take any pix in over 2 weeks, yikes! Finally got a free weekend and tried to take some pix of Alana in our new place.

pros, we have wood floors and a wee bitty fireplace
cons, The natural light is no near what I used to have

Sooooo.... Here is what I came up with

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/2.0
Focal Length: 50 mm
ISO Speed: 640

I had 2 large windows open, all the lights on, an extra lamp and a reflector, took these by myself across the room, bc I was using my 50mm, so very hard to get a smile and snap, and well the candy cane kept her still..

also didn't help that its overcast and rainy in LA, what the heck, it never rains here, the one weekend I have to take a pic, ugh!

fun fact: I knit the shrug for her last minute since the dress is short sleeved :0)

Thanks for Looking!!

Please cc is you like, I will post the original a little later Blum 3

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Adorable pic!!! Love the shrug. I never thought of doing that since all of the cute dresses I can find are short sleeved, and well living in NY that just doesn't cut it for winter time.

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I think it's adorable! I wish the lights were showing more, but I have no idea how to do that!

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Love everything about it! Would love if you posted sooc!

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ooh I will definitely post sooc, fun fun, when I get home tonight :0)

I almost took the lights down bc they didn't serve much purpose since you can't really see them. I did get some other shots in the dining room with some cool bokeh, I'll share when I'm done editing.

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oh, how cute! I think you did great considering your lighting woes. Wink and I think it's super cool that you knit the shrug!

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Here are the edits out of lightroom, I adjust WB there and then send it over to CS3

yep there are two :0) My husband helped me out with this one, it was his idea

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Wow, you did good! Biggrin

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Amazing job! I bet the cards are really cute.

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I can't comment much on the technical aspect because I am still learning all of that, but I ADORE the composition of your first picture!! I think it will make a super cute card if that's what you plan on doing with the image.

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Awesome job!!! I didn't even catch that you and used 2 pics. I think it came out great even though your lighting wasn't ideal.