My Dog (CC Please)

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My Dog (CC Please)

I took some photos of my dog, Bailey, yesterday. I'd love to know what you think of them and where I can improve Smile

1/400 f/4 ISO 400 55mm

Same as above 60mm

1/200 f/5 ISO 400 131mm

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Love #1 & 3!!! Only cc- try not to center it so much. Great job! What a good dog!

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These are very nice!
I was contacted recently to do some pet photography, and since I haven't done any myself, I figured I needed to find some inspiration. So, I just found an AMAZING pet photographer to follow on FB...she comes up with such great angles and different ways to capture dogs. Thought you might like to check it out too!

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Nice photos! I especially like the vivid colors and bokeh. I agree with the suggestion to make the subject off-center and perhaps play with the angles a bit to make them more dramatic.

You all have inspired me to arrange an animal shoot. I'm going to ask some of my neighbors if I can photograph their fur babies.

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Love #3. What a cute doggie!

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Lovely lighting & bokeh! My fave is #1. Is #3 cropped in-camera? It has his eye right in the center. I would fill the frame with his head and get his whole ear in there too. Smile OR, have some negative space on the left side of the photo so it's like we see in the direction he's looking.

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These are really nice, Steph! I like #1 a LOT, but think I would try a different crop. He's just a bit too centered. That's my favourite, though, overall. Beautiful light and excellent shot.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! How are these crops? Better?

I didn't have enough space on the left side of the frame. This was the best I could do with getting his eye out from dead center.