My DS (please cc)

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My DS (please cc)

I don't know if you will remember me, I introduced myself at the start of the year when I bought my new camera then haven't really posted. I have lurked.

I am still shooting in manual and still tend to underexpose my pics. I am also struggling a bit with composition.

I need to start posting and asking for cc as I think it is what I really need to improve and get some good pictures.

Can I please have some feedback on this pic. Is the sun on his face distracting?

ETA technical info
Shot with 50mm on Canon 60D
Ap: 3.5
SS: 1/60 (I should have bumped this up)
ISO: 100

29-03-2011 (4)wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

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Good for you for posting for CC. Very cute pic!!
Let me start off by saying that I'm AMAZED that you got such good focus at 1/60. I see that you realize that it should have been higher, but seriously, your focus is great, color looks pretty good, and it's a very cute comp. Next time, bump up your ISO, which will in turn give you a higher SS.
I definitely think the shot would be better without the dappled light--on his face, arm, knee, and's distracting. You are on your way though...keep practicing, and keep posting for cc!

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Thank you for the CC Lisa. I was using a tripod. I'd been trying to get some shots of running water and saw him in there so turned it around Smile You're right, the sunlight is distracting.

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I think the light on his sleeve is most distracting, but yes overall there are too many patches. BUT...what a cute picture! He is so cute, and I like how the wooden...thingy frames him. I am also impressed by your focus at 1/60! Great job!
And KEEP POSTING! I have learned the most from posting and getting honest CC from this board.

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Your son is very cute. My advice is to watch dappled lighting. The light on his knee and sleeve makes that are blown.

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Wow, look at that! Eye contact and a smile! If your kids are anything like mine, that's a rarity Wink I agree about the light on the sleeve. You have some nice light in his eyes though, which is what I'm struggling with when taking pictures of my older one right now.

Great job putting this out there for CC! Keep it up. It's how I've learned!

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I can't add much CC-wise, but I love this shot! The eye contact and sparkle in his eyes, the smile, the colours seem perfect, and the framing of it within that structure are all fantastic!

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Thanks ladies. Anything other than running from the camera is rare with my son Steph.

I'll keep practicing

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This is a cute shot! Everyone else already mentioned the patches of uneven light, but still a keeper for mom!

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I think this shot is amazing for just starting out! I think you may have over sharpened just a tad in processing, but other wise, exposure is nice and composition is pleasing. Love the framing you did with the wooden structure.