My first maternity shoot
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Thread: My first maternity shoot

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    Default My first maternity shoot

    Hi everyone, so on Sunday I had my first maternity shoot. I went to their house to do it, which turned out to be a bit of a challenge. The lighting was pretty bad, they only had one window which was a nice big one but the weather was pretty grey and the way the house was positioned didn't get much light inside.

    I tried so hard with different positions to try to keep my ISO low but I really couldn't because of such low light. I think most of my pictures were taken at 1600 ISO.

    I'm a bit disappointed in how the shots turned out. Even with the low ISO and open ap. most of my shots were taken with a low shutter speed too! Grrr... So the end result was grainy and blurring pictures!

    Being my first shoot with clients I was very nervous going in. I wanted to do my best even though I'm not charging I really want to take great photos. Once I got inside the house, introduced myself and we started shooting, I LOVED IT! I know now this is exactly what I want to do! I have A LOT of practice and definitely won't be charging clients for a while but it was SUCH a great experience for me.

    The couple knew that I was just starting out and they were super excited about the shoot! I have gone through some of the pictures and I'm not sure there's a whole lot in GREAT shots. The mother is only 33 weeks so I'm hoping that if there isn't anything they love I'll do another shoot with them.

    Anyway, heres one I just finished editing, what do you think about it? Do you think it would be something they'd appreciate? I know it's not emphasizing the belly, but I liked the look on their faces. The husband was quite difficult to work with, he really didn't want to look at the camera or be involved in the shoot at all. Theres a lot of pictures of him looking the other way with his hand on her tummy! I'm really hoping there are at least a few that I can salvage for them!

    Anyway, any and all CC are welcome! I'd really appreciate help with PP too, any comments or suggestions for that would be great!

    Sorry it's so long winded, just thought I'd vent here a bit! I know you will all appreciate it and help me get over this little hump!

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    Sorry it didn't go exactly as planned, but I am glad you had fun! That's really important!

    I wish I could see her belly better, but it is a great shot! Keep em coming!
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    I am so glad you got out there and did this!

    I kind of wish youcould see the dad looking more directly at the camera, but the focus does look nice. My only MAJOR cc is the skin. I know it's hard, but Amber did a great tutorial on skin tones. There are a LOT of magentas and reds going on here on both parents.

    But I am excited to see more from the set. You are off to a good solid start!

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    I think it's great other than what the others have pointed out already. And of course, the blown shirt sticks out to me, but that can probably be fixed if you shot in raw and you do a few mask layers. That's so awesome that you did this, though, and that you felt so comfortable doing it! It's nice to walk away from something knowing it's what you love and still feeling like it's what you really want to be doing.

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    That stinks about the light. But it sounds like it was a good learning experience. And that's great that the couple was so excited about it. You got some good advice on the photo ... but I have to say that the pose doesn't do much for me. I guess I'd like to see more of the belly, ya know? The mom looks glowing though, and I love that about it.
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    Way to go getting out there and doing your first shoot! Its so difficult to attempt to shoot outside of the lighting conditions you are used to! I don't have anything to add for cc other than a super nitpicky thing. When I first looked at it I was drawn to the moms eyes and then to the cord in the couch cushion...I feel like my eyes should have gone to dad instead. But that could just be me! I do think they will really like the pic. As you mentioned it doesn't show alot of the bump, but it does capture them together. I would have loved a pic like this when I was prego! Can't wait to see more!
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    Yeah, I agree with the CCs. Also, I am surprised you got a good focused, given that your SS is at 1/50. You must have steady hands
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    OH the shot is lovely. I also wish dad was looking at the camera but he sounds like he was very difficult to work with though.

    I like the angle but also wish you could see slightly more belly

    Great Job!

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