My First Real Try at Backlighting

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My First Real Try at Backlighting

How'd I do?

It's hard getting good exposure on the face and not completely blowing everything out!! This is in my parent's pasture and had the most AMAZING fuzzy weeds. I wish DD wasn't so particular about long grass Sad

But, I thought this one turned out nice. CC?

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I've been working on my backlighting shots too. I'm having a hard time with haze though. I get a lot of it, and then I have no idea how to process it.

This looks just like how mine come out, good or bad, so I'll be interested to hear the CC from others as well.

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So cute!! I think you did great. Remember to always use a lens hood when taking backlit pictures.

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Very cute! I was curious, were you shooting this directly at the sun at you or where you in an angle?

There is a good tutorial on ILP about back lighting if you have a chance to read it. To me I like hazy pictures and I really like your shot.

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Thanks girls Smile

Ahhh, the lens hood. I HATE them but I know they have a purpose, and I'm sure it would have been beneficial for this one...must remember to put it in the bag :/

El, the sun is over my DD's right shoulder (camera left). I was making sure that the sun was just outside the frame of the photo. I never get on ILP any more, but I might have to check that tutorial out.

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I think it looks great! What a ham!

Have to say that one of my biggest pet peeves at the moment is fake backlighting/sun! Yours however, is real and looks fabulous Smile

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Great job with the backlighting! Im usually not a huge fan of the haze, but it looks good here! Oh, and my 5 year old just looked over my shoulder and said "oh my, she is sooo cute!"! Smile Approvals all around! Smile

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I know a lot of people are putting in the fake flare, haze to photos to make them look back-lit. Glad mine didn't come out bad (though it IS real!!)

Jess, you're daughter's reaction just made me smile Smile

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I think it looks great. I have never succeeding nor have I tried lately.

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Well I like it!

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Looks good to me, love her outfit!