My first share! JMK - CC please!

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My first share! JMK - CC please!

So, I just got my D90 last week, and I've been trying it out a lot on some willing (Caleb's stuffed Handy Manny doll) and not so willing (Caleb and Abby) subjects. LOL. I finally got a few that I'd like to share with you all for CC so that I can improve. So, please let me know what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right (if anything yet!). These are all SOOC since I have no editing software yet.

1. SS 1/250; ISO 200; f/5.6

2. SS 1/250; ISO 200; f/5.6

3. SS 1/250; ISO 800; f/5.6
I'm really bummed out about this one. I think DD looks so pretty (mommy goggles?), but there obviously wasn't enough early morning light (was trying to keep the ISO down to see what happened). What could I do to salvage this?

4. SS 1/250; ISO 800; f/5.6

So, hit me. What do you think? Thanks!

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You did a pretty good job for your first pictures. What mode are you shooting on?
When you get good at getting the proper exposure (assuming you are shooting in something other than auto), you'll want to start watching your composition (what's in the background?), and making sure you don't chop off limbs at spots where they look awkward.

I just brought the exposure up on the one picture that was very underexposed and sharpened it. When you get an editing program, it is a pretty easy fix.

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Thanks so much, Lisa! That picture of DD looks so much better. As I'm looking at them on this computer (I'm at work now), they all seem a tad underexposed, correct? They were all taken around 7 p.m. and the sun was behind me. Do you all recommend watching the light meter or the histogram (or both?) when trying to get the exposure right?

I went balls to the wall and started shooting in full manual right off the bat. Although, my kit lens limits me somewhat. I believe the lowest f-stop I can achieve is a 3.5.

These are all fine quality jpegs. At the moment, I'm just using the memory card from my P&S, which is quite small. DH has a 16GB card ordered for me, though, and once it comes, I'm going to move to shooting in RAW.

Regarding comp, UGH! Smile I think that will be my biggest weakness. You wouldn't believe how many pics I deleted right after I took them because of major limb choppage and electrical boxes in the background, etc. In the pic of DS, would you have included his whole body? And in the pic of DD, I think her missing hand is troublesome. It's so much to get together all at the same time - ap, SS, ISO, rule of 3s, no limb chop, no backlighting - I wonder how long it will take before it clicks. I'm excited to keep on playing, though, so I can get it all figured out!

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You did great for shooting in manual for the first time!!

I'm still working on EVERYTHING. Give it time, things come along and you have moments of understanding. The whole journy is just lots of little 'Ah, I get it' moments Smile

The first one you have your DS looking to the left of the frame. A better comp on this would be to have more empty space to the left of the frame (where he's looking) than behind him. Try a portrait crop of him, I think that might be nice. The second one is nice, you got some really pretty bokeh in behind your DD. I'm not digging the angle here. If you were more level with her eyes, it may have been better. The third can easily be saved with some sort of editing program. I suggest downloading GIMP. I used that when I was first starting out. It has some great features for a free program! The flowers are very pretty. Again, I'd bring up the exposure just a bit more.

Great job and keep at it!!!

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If you start shooting in RAW, you'll need the software to edit. Of course, I'm sure your camera came with some software.

All of the photos seemed underexposed to me. Easy fixes in post processing though. And when you bump your ISO, you'll want to run it through a noise reducing program (Noiseware has a community standalone version for free).

1. Focus doesn't seem to be right on your son - he seems a bit soft. Are you toggling your focus points? If not, that's definitely a good thing to get down pat. Smile I think it's awesome that you started shooting manual right off the bat!

2. Her eyes seem soft to me ... but if you didn't sharpen for web, then her eyes might be a lot sharper in your full size version on your computer.

3. No mommy goggles, that's a cute shot! Lisa had a nice edit for you. Smile

4. Love the purple colors, but the compostion doesn't really do anything for me.

keep practicing! that's how we all get better.