My First Swap

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My First Swap

DD's old daycare teacher asked if I'd take some family photos for her. I said sure. She lives over an hour away so finding a time/place that would work for both of us was kind of hard. They were coming over my way for a fall festival, so she asked if I would come and do pictures then. Well, that's great except it was at 11am and I didn't really know the place. I did the best I could, but I'm extreamly displeased with myself. Lesson learned. I can't do full sun Sad

I had to do my first swap ever in photoshop. I've read about it before, watched tutorials, but never attempted it myself. I really just wanted the baby's face, but with the slight change in position, it made it really difficult. So, I just did a Dad and baby swap. Here are the two originals and then the final edit....




So give it to'd I do???

ETA: If she wants this printed, do you think it would look good?

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Wow I think the head swaps look great--I can't tell it's edited from here!

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first thing i notices was all the dappled light, not the swap. Smile Nice job!

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I think you did well ... mom's arm looks a little funny. But since I can't view the photo larger, I can't tell.

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Yep, I think it looks pretty good at this size. If you hadn't of said, I would have no idea.

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I would have NEVER noticed! Great job!

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NICE JOB!!!! Mom's arm looks like SOMETHING was done, but if I didn't know what it was, I would never be able to guess. Smile


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dads right shoulder looks a bit funny but I tried viewing it larger but i couldn't so i can't really tell. at this size it looks ok but if its to be printed larger than i have no idea Smile nice job on the swap! i've done swaps before ... a couple times. some harder than others. it's not easy!