My going-ons plus some pics..

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My going-ons plus some pics..

I posted on the other thread that I havent had internet for a while and just recently got it back... Anyway the whole last year I just havent been taking pics to progress. Ive been taking snaps but not putting much thought or effort into them.. Im trying to work on that!! Also trying to improve just the overall comp on my snaps and Ive mostly been practicing with food (it doesnt move lol)

Here are a few (keep in mind I have a P&S) and I was shooting these in auto.. It just seems faster these days.

I like the idea of this picture. I wish they were more of a silohouette (?)

#2 I like the semi-catch lights..

#3 I took a few other pictures but they all just seemed blah.. Its a little chopped on the ends

I have a few more I want to share but I need to get them up first. Smile

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I know the feeling. I sometimes wish I could twist my mind so I don't THINK about the picture so much when I'm just doing snaps. It gets tiring sometimes now.

1. I know the look you were going for, but if you darkend this too much, you'd loose Losh and you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference with the people in the picture.
2. Great natural light here.
3. At least you get to keep Kaia's Dad's memory alive. I'm not digging the angle here. And wish you were able to have gotten the entire stone in the frame.

Glad to see you're out there practicing more!

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oh it's SO GREAT to see you posting some pics!!! P&S or not, you're doing GREAT!

on #1, I like that you can see some detail to them. Keeps them from blending in too much and not being able to tell what/who you are really looking at. I think I would play around with the levels and color to see if I could bring up the background a bit and give it more of a golden glow. I think that would set it off, but it's really great anyway.

#2 DOES have some nice light in the eyes. I think if you cropped in tight enough you'd see yourself looking back at you. :+)

#3. I actually really like this. I think if you were to up the saturation on the colors and then maybe add a vignette (since there are so many shadows anyway) that this photo would have a big impact emotionally.

I can't wait for you to share more!

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