My Halloween session with my kids (and a bonus for Loida)

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My Halloween session with my kids (and a bonus for Loida)

No real CC needed, just wanted to share. If you want settings for any, let me know.

This is pic heavy, hope no one looking is on dial-up!

Most of this is from the post I just shared on my blog.

I've been looking forward to taking my kids' Halloween costume pictures in this location for a couple of weeks. Everything finally came together this past Thursday, the weather, all kids in a decent mood, and everyone had their costume. I packed the kids in the car, and off we went to this cool field. One downside is that there were several "critter" holes - my ankle ended up in one of them, and I'm very lucky I didn't injure myself. After that, I was very conscious of where the kids (especially my two year old) were walking.

I took a lot of pictures, and wish I could share them all ... but that would be too much I think. Smile So here are my very favorites from my session with my kids. Smile

1. The group shot I had in my head never turned out like I wanted ... but instead I have more true to life images. Smile

Oct282010_0038 copy 2

A close up crop of the same
Oct282010_0038 copy

2. Oct282010_0053

3. Spooky Andrew as a phantom (but lately he claims to be a Dementor instead - he's reading Harry Potter these days)

4. Oct282010_0059 copy

5. My candy corn witch
Oct282010_0075 copy

6. Cute-as-can-be bumble bee
Oct282010_0027 copy 3

7. My little Superman


8. Oct282010_0073 copy

9. Andrew hated his hood, and barely had it on. I got this shot of him just before we left, it's nice to see his face with the costume still on.
Oct282010_0096 copy

10. Not on my blog, but thought you'd appreciate

Was trying to get the sunburst through the trees ... Jack just happened to walk through. I added fill light so you could see him. Just thought this was kind of neat

Exposure 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture f/13.0
Focal Length 28 mm
ISO Speed 500
Oct282010_0078 copy

And then the bonus for Loida ... on the same property are these older buildings, and I've always thought they were cool


But then there's this ...

I really wanted to do a photo session right by the buildings, so I emailed the company that owns the property. It's a HUGE underground medical lab, they own a lot of property there, including those buildings. I got a reply the next day, with approval to take Andrew's portraits there. I had to give a heads up so that security is aware we'll be there. Anyhow, we'll be doing that tomorrow evening. Can't wait!!!!!

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That's awesome they're letting you take pictures there! Can't wait to see how they turn out. TFS the Halloween pics! Soooo cute! Biggrin

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what cute costumes! OH It will be so neat when Jeanette starts reading books Smile Especially Harry Potter. That is a cute candy corn witch costume and she makes a really cute bumble bee. Jack looks like he's ready to take off in #7. Lol That is a neat property! I guess you remembered my question huh lol Thanks! It's nice to know how people do it sometimes Smile I guess if you ask more than likely they'll say yes. I wonder if it's the same if it's for paying clients too? Can't wait to see what you get! Smile

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Wow cute session, AWESOME costumes, and what an awesome building! It almost looks like a home right out of a Jane Austen Regency-England novel Smile do you know any of its history?

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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

Wow cute session, AWESOME costumes, and what an awesome building! It almost looks like a home right out of a Jane Austen Regency-England novel Smile do you know any of its history?

I know, it's totally out of place for where I live. I have no idea of the history. Will have to look into it after I check it out up close. Wink Wondering if there's any cornerstones with info there.

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Looks great! Such a great scenery!

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These are great Gwen! I totally love your costumes! I had to giggle when you said demontor, but he soooo looks like one! That place is really neat! Can't wait to see the ones of Andrew!

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Your kids look adorable in their costumes! I wish I got out for a real shoot this halloween, but I'm still waiting on a nice day to do my sons two year portraits...:rolleyes: TFS Smile

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Great work getting all the kids in one photo! I think your Halloween shots are great! Can't wait to see the ones by the buildings.

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Gwen ...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt in any of those 'critter holes'! I did that recently and am only just now getting my groove back on (so to speak).

I love the long shadows in the first group shot. They really create that late fall mood.

I love Andrew's costume as a phantom/dementor! These would be really cool in b&w, I think. Maybe even w/ some kind of grunge texture to emphasize the dark and dreary nature of the character. I lvoe the setting where you took these.

Jordan is just too adorable! But I think she's growing too fast, you need to tell her to slow down a bit. Wink

Natalie made a BEEutiful bumble bee! I love those pom-poms for antennae!

And that 2nd pic of Jack is just TOO CUTE! His eyes are just so soulful. They really tug at my heart strings. How do you EVER say no to that boy???

I can't wait to see the ones you took of Andrew and his friends!!!!!