my latest newborns

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my latest newborns

would love any comments you ladies might have. The first one, 7 day old boy, HORRID session for me as he constantly pooped and mom simplyhovered over my shoulder for the entire FOUR HOURS they were there. I think i got 15 usuable images Sad

a) f/3.5, 1/160 ISO 500

Baby girl born christmas eve, slept like a dream, peed on nothing. pulled my back during the session, (thankfully at the end) that had me laid up for the rest of my holiday. But mom saw my blog post and was extremly pleased.

b)too yellow? f/4.5, ISO 200 1/200


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Hey there! So happy to see some photos from you. These are lovely. The first one is my favorite...even a tough session can turn out great photos. #2 doesn't look too yellow to me. So cute.

Not a fan of the pose in #3, but otherwise it looks good.

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I agree with the CC. I loved that carrot hat so much when I saw it on FB that I'm actually buying one! LOL. #2 is my personal favorite for the headband, cuteness, and green blanket Smile I also like the comp better compared to #1. Is #1 an in-camera crop? I would love to see the uncropped version if it IS cropped.

Great job!

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Looks good. #1 is my favorite. I am not liking the crop on two, wish the crop wasn't so crammed.

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Gorgeous love them all Biggrin

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I do love one and two! PRECIOUS! I think two looks fine on color. Glad mom was pleased!

As for the last one, the pose, I am not sure of.

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Ok, if you guys aren't seeing yellow then maybe i should recalibrate tonight and have another look at it.

Amy, I'm so glad you're able to get a hat!! Smile I used one of the girl ones she made for me on this baby girl and it's so cute!!

I don't mind pose #3. mom had placed her on the beanbag and she was holding her foot but had let go by the time i got my camera. Mom's seen it and likes it. I was afraid it was too close to showing too much of the bits'n'pieces. #1 is an PP crop, so i can post an sooc tonight when home.

Thanks for the feedback all Smile

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These are GREAT!!! I don't see yellow on #2, but then my monitors at work are aweful and I'm also no good at color!

The only thing that bothers me about #3 is the umbellical cord. For some reason they turn my stomach. Other then that I think it's great also!

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I love 1 and 2! I'm kinda with the others on the pose for 3.

Color looks good to me, but I'm still learning to spot the different colors and casts in photos.