My lens broke :(

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My lens broke :(

I know this is a stupid question but I will ask anyways. My 50mm lens is broke in two pieces! I had my camera on top of the computer desk and my 2 year old shook the desk and my camera hit the floor. The thing is it is not that much of of a drop at all and my 50mm broke in two! I can't see anything that broke off but the inside of the lens comes right out so I have two pieces. Has this ever happened to any of you and do you know of any way of fixing it? I just bought it in May and paid 130.00 cause I got it at the camera store. I am so mad cause ever since I bought it I have not even used my kit lens once. Also wondering is there any place that pays you for broken lenses. Like to refurbish them or something? I have to go buy a new one now and since I am happy with it I want the same one just ticked that now I am paying 2x for 1 lens.

My computer is also down right now but I came to my inlaws just to look online for a 50mm that is cheap on amazon or something. Just thought I would let you all know why I have not been on. TIA

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That sucks! I'm so extreamly sorry and bummed for you.

I have no advice on fixing or reselling it, but I know there are sellers on ebay that sell the 50mm lens new for 85 bucks with free shipping. Just do a quick search. My local camera shop sells the lens used for 90, maybe you can find one near you?

GL, I hope you get this figured out!

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Tia, that sucks! I'd go back to the camera store and ask them. Also you should have a 1 year warranty on it. There might have been a defect in the actual lens that caused it to break in two like that. Is it a Canon lens? (I can't remember if you went Canon or Nikon). Either way, email the manufacturer and ask if the warranty would cover that and also ask how to determine if the break was caused by a defect.

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Oh man, that totally sucks. It can't hurt to take it to the place you got it or to call/e-mail the manufacury and see what they can do for you. Even if they won't replace it maybe they will give you a deal on a new/refurbed one since you are a loyal customer and then would give good word of mouth to others. Good luck.

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OH that's just AWFUL! I think Gwen is right ... call about warranties. Also, check your credit card (if that is how you paid for it). I know that our CC will double any manufacturers warranty and often covers stuff like this where it's not a defect that causes the problem.

Let us know how it goes!