My lens isn't working & few for CC
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Thread: My lens isn't working & few for CC

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    Default My lens isn't working & few for CC

    I haven't been taking pics for the past few weeks because DD won't look at me and it is really hard to jump around her with my big belly trying to get her to smile or look at me. I have to take some photos for the Christmas card so I got my camera out and it didn't work, I got the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens in September, it was giving me an error where the F settings are. I was trying to take it of and put it back on but that didn't fix it. It won't focus or do anything and it won't take a pic. I put my old lens on, it's 28-105mm, its a good lens but for some reason the focus is not as good on it as on the 50mm. I know it is not the camera but it's the lens that doesnt work because everything was fine with my old lens.
    Did any of you had this happen with 50mm?
    I will call Nikon tomorrow and see if I can have it fixed because I will need it for the newborn pics.

    Anyways I took some photos with my old lens, I'm not crazy about them and I think I will have to take some more next few days.
    Not sure if these are good enough for a Christmas card or they are are just blah. I need a horizontal pic for the card design that is why I didn't even shoot any horizontal ones.

    1. This is our favorite. F4.2, ss1/125, iso400

    2. F4.2, ss1/125, iso400

    3. F4.2, ss1/125, iso400

    4.F3.5, ss1/250, iso400

    5. F4 , ss1/200 , iso320

    6. Same as #5 just with Sepia conversion
    Thanks for looking.
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    I never had a problem with my 50mm, I would have it looked at for sure!

    As for ones worthy of a card- I think 1, 3, or 4 would work great. 3 being my fav! LOVE that expression!
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    I've never had any issues w/ my 50mm either (though mine is the f/1.4). I agree that 3 is an AWESOME SHOT and would work really well for a card (imho). You managed to get quite a bit of eye contact here! You should be so proud!!! 5 is also really sweet, even w/out the eye contact. Your color, focus, and exposure look really good throughout the set.


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    I think you did great! As for pictures that would work on a card 3 & 4 I think would look wonderful, I think the sepia conversion in #6 works well too.

    * Amanda *

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