My maternity pictures share

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My maternity pictures share

I made a friend through the photography courses I've been taking. On Friday she took some maternity pictures for me and I edited them. I wanted to share a few. She has been in the photography business of years--- started with architecture and just recently moving into portraits. Her lens/camera set up cost around $4000 total. While I do like them, there were a lot with limb chops. It just goes to show that the camera and lens aren't necessarily the most important thing. But these pictures are priceless to me. I wouldn't have been able to get something like this with my camera using a tripod. 2 & 3 were over exposed for artistic reasons so I played around with the post processing a little differently than I would have. They just happened to be my favorite shots of myself. She had tried to take them in RAW+jpeg (she's never done RAW before and I was going to show her about it) but the camera didn't record in RAW. Not sure what went wrong there. Anyway-- if it had been in RAW I would have tried to adjust the exposure a little.





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I love your little growing family!!!! You look fantastic!

It's so awesome to have a friend who is also into photography, isn't it? I have a really good friend here who loves photography as well, and it's so nice to have someone to talk to about it Smile

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Those are lovely and you look great!

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I agree! These are so nice and you look FABULOUS!

A&A look ready to be big brother/big sister as well. SO CUTE!


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I have bump envy! You look fabulous hun! Smile