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My Moon

again attempted one handed with a wired shutter release:


probably a bit over sharpened and a bit OOF

oh well


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That's pretty neat. We have a perfect shot of the moon every night, but not a big enough zoom. :confused:

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doesn't look too sharp here (but I'm at work). what set up are you using? i've never been able to get anything close to this awesome moon shot.


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Wow, it looks great to me! I have yet to tackle a moon shot.

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looks good to me. Smile

I tried a moon shot last night ... with my 30mm ROFL *sigh* I need a zoom lens.

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What zoom lens are you using. This is pretty clear for a one handed shot. I am surprised you didn't get any shake. Great job on keeping that hand steady!

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awesome! Looks very clear on my screen too! You have done a nice job capturing the details.

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Looks really good to me too!

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Excellent detail!


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