My New Jacket!

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My New Jacket!

I just need to share this somewhere Smile I got a new leather jacket today. Sure it's no big deal but it is to me! It's my first leather jacket and sort of a "gift" to myself after losing 30 pounds. Well, I'm about 1 pound shy of 30 pounds total loss Wink I just got back on track today. I worked out and felt great and when I saw this jacket I just HAD to try it on. It's exactly what I've been looking for AND wanting. 30 pounds ago I would NOT have liked myself in it. This is 3 sizes smaller than what I used to wear! I bought it a bit "small". Well just a tad smaller but it zips up so I can wear it even now. Still a bit tight though but not too uncomfortable. But I want to shrink into it, if I can say that. Smile At least now I know I have a goal. I'm sure it will fit nicely 10-20 pounds from now. Just wanted to share! :rolleyes: I am going to take better pics of myself later on in this jacket. My DH does not know how to work my camera. lol I put this on auto for him and the third pic he took still ended up being blurry! :rolleyes: sorry, i quickly put this together in PS. And the shirt I'm wearing was also too small for me before but fits perfectly now. Weird. Blum 3

New Leather Jacket by loidaeg, on Flickr

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Saw this on FB; way to go, you're doing so great!

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AWESOME! This is great! Love the new jacket!!!!

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That's awesome Loida, you look amazing! Biggrin

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thanks! Smile I'm such a dork for sharing a pic of me in it lol I'm just super happy about it. I think I look GREAT in it. I love ME in it Lol Think it's possible to shrink into clothing? lol I told the sales lady that I was shrinking and she recommended to buy the bit smaller one too. I'm still in denial though. I look in the mirror and still see the person 3 sizes ago. I feel different though. I can't imagine what I'll look like minus 40-50 pounds from now. I'm gonna be tiny :oops: I'm only 5'1"

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WOW, congrats on your success! Good for you for rewarding yourself, you look great!

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You look fantastic in that, it totally suits you! Way to go for losing that weight. You must feel great! Biggrin

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whoo hoo! so glad you got a jacket! looks great too, you're rockin' the weight loss, that's awesome!

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Love it! You look great and yay for losing weight!

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great job! You look amazing!