My New Macro Lens

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My New Macro Lens

I’m just thrilled. I finally have a decent macro lens. I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet, and get the new Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro with IS. It’s a beautiful lens. Had so much fun playing with it a little today just outside my house. Can’t wait to really take it out and see what it can do. And I must tell you….I have the most insane and irrational fear of bees. But I couldn’t help myself today. I somehow felt perfectly safe when looking through the lens. Silly…I know.

Here are a few pictures...sorry they're not numbered...I just went ahead and posted the composites I did for my blog.

Nathan Snaps:
Blog Post Nathan Snaps

A few macros from just outside my house:
Sample Macro blog

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I bet you'll have a great time with that lens if these are just from playing around!! I the lolly pop pic and his expression. And who knew you could make a sweet gum ball look cool Smile

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Love, love!!! You are exciting me so much now because I have the Nikkor 105mm2.8 macro on the way! (Decided to stick with Nikon and not be stuck in a slump)

Love the composite of Nathan. The bokeh is amazing for it not being even that far away.

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beautiful pictures

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YAY for a new lens! You rocked it as always! Biggrin Nathan is so cute! LOVE the texturing on the flower pics!

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Isn't the macro awesome? Your photos look great. Your bee shots especially are really nice and crisp!

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HOORAY for new lenses!!! You are ROCKING this one already. The clarity is amazing. I can't wait to see what else you do with it.