My new please! Pic Heavy!

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My new please! Pic Heavy!

Hey guys, been a while since I've shared anything! Here are a few of my new niece--I took the pictures when she was 6 days old. The weather was TERRIBLE, but I was able to find a room with enough natural light so that I didn't have to use my flash. Yay!! Just took a little bit of furniture rearrangement... Wink

She was tough too--took a LONG time to get into a sound sleep. My BIL and SIL kept saying "she doesn't go into a deep sleep, I just don't think she's going to sleep the way you need her too." Blum 3

Anyway, all settings are around SS 125, f/1.8-f/2.2, ISO 500-ISO 640:

1. DSC_0062_BW_web



4. DSC_0121_web

5. I know this one is a bit soft--camera shake. Sad I was using my 50mm and it was really awkward to get this shot and not crop the basket.

6. DSC_0162_BW_web


8. I just think this one is funny, LOL!

9. Since I'm already on pic overload, LOL!

PLEASE don't feel the need to comment on them all. Any input is appreciated though!

Oh, and this may have made me want one of my own..... Biggrin :eek:

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Real quick...have to get ready for a shoot this morning. Favorites 1, 3, and 9. CC - Dad is disappearing in #7...would probably have worked better in a grey shirt, with dad shirtless, or with a grey background. For this image though....wondering if you could mask dad a bit so that his blacks aren't as black as the background.

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Beautiful shots! And I'm glad she slept so well for you. The only thing I can think of to CC right now is the material showing in 2 in the bottom right corner. I'd maybe crop it so that a little more shows and it's not quite so distracting, or none shows at all.

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#6 is my fave of the bunch. Just love it!!

Also LOVE the face in # 4.... would love to see a close up.

She is beautiful.


Oh and PS..... Love the new siggy Wink Congrats!

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aaaaaaaawwwwwwwww, look at her! so glad she fell asleep for this. Smile

love the little spit bubbles in the first one. Smile

2. so sweet ... but the colors in the shadows just seem too red to me.

5. awesome job getting the tub. I know that struggle with the 50mm (which is why I bought the 30mm :lol:) I really love this shot!

6. love the coccoon shot!

do you have any mom shots? I love seeing dad, but I want to see mom too. Wink

And I really love your new siggy! the watermark looks terrific too (not sure I remember seeing that one ... I know you had been working on a new one, so maybe it's really been a while since I've seen new pictures from you)

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Congrats Meagan!! I'm so excited for you.

She looks a little too pink overall to me in #2. #8 is really funny. I love 9 the best, so sweet with her little hand under her chin.

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Thanks for the CC!

Yeah, I ALWAYS tend to leave newborns with too much pink. I am so paranoid of making them look washed out. When will I learn, LOL! :rolleyes: I'll play with it again, thanks.

Gwen, I don't have any with mom. My SIL refuses to be in any photographs of any kind, no matter how much you reason with her. Oh well. I only got a few with my BIL before he went to bed (he'd been up all night with the baby), so there were a few more I wanted to get with him that we never got too.

Juliana, thanks!!! You got my "subtle" hint, LOL! We're SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin

(and a little freaked out)

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Oh my goodness, I'm so oblivious! Congratulations!!!! Smile

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"blonderose" wrote:

Oh my goodness, I'm so oblivious! Congratulations!!!! Smile

Lol thanks! I certainly didn't come right out and say anything so you're not oblivious! Smile

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Any better? I swear Flickr adds magenta to my pics, its not this pink in PS. Grrr....


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:woohoo: You were right!!! It only took one cycle!!! I am SOOOO excited for you. Biggrin

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Congrats Meagan!! How exciting!!! Enjoy your pregnancy!!

The newborn shots are just great. #2 is my favorite. I think I'd like to see #3 as a horizontal shot. #1 - love your always!

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Adorable! I love your black and white conversions! They look super! What an adorable little model! Smile

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Oh yeah and Congrats! Smile HH9M

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OMG... Meagan, Congrats on your pregnancy!!! :woohoo:

I love these baby pictures!!! I think your second edit looks better. She still looks a bit pink on my screen.

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Sorry I haven't been around, been on overload here.

#1 - I'd add more contrast and up the blacks in selective color (personal prefence).
#2 - sweet, is this in camera crop? Babe is too pink for me, but I saw c/c referring to that already.
#3 - awww, same as #1
#4 - favorite!
#5 - I can't tell it's soft, love it! Like how you placed the blanket on her bum. Smile
#6 - love
#7 - sweet! Agreed, Dad is a little lost in detail with the shirt.

Great job Meagan! AND OMG! CONGRATS! I just noticed your ticker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Favs- #1- spit bubbles! #5 - the basket is great, and I think it looks fine! #6- The cacoon is awesome. LOVE newborn shoots! Biggrin

CONGRATS on your pregnancy!

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Oh wow!! congratulations on the pregnancy- HH9M!!

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You already received the CC I was going to they look beautiful. And CONGRATS!! Woo hoo!

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Thanks for the congrats everyone! Biggrin

(sorry to bump this all the way back up! Just wanted to say thanks!)

Stacey, 2 is not in-camera, but pretty close. I had more space on the right, but didn't like how much the diaper cover was showing (at first mom & dad didn't want her diaper off). Thank goodness I had the diaper cover!

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CONGRATS MEAGAN!!!! I'm so excited for you and just THINK of all of the photo ops you will have!!!! Smile

I love the pics, especially the first one. I'm at work, so I can't comment on color, but I just love those little bubbles.


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aww congrats on your pregnancy! i had no idea Smile HH9M!!

i love all these shots. very sweet.

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CONGRATS!!! I can't wait to see a lot of newborn pictures from you Smile

My only cc was that I felt the conversions needed a bit more pop. But that is just personal preference.

So happy for you!