My new prop

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My new prop

Found this on Craigslist for $75 and had to get it! I know My PP is totally inconsistent (I need a gray card!), but CC on ANYTHING is appreciated.

Settings for all three Exposure 1/250, ISO 125, F/2.5




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Great find. Looks like the focus on all 3 pics fell on the truck.

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That's a very cute prop. I've got to get myself something like that! Excellent deal.

As for CC: Your backdrops are a mess, my guess is it's from trying to extend them...especially noticible in #3. YIKES!

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cute prop! Biggrin looks great... i just notice #3 is looking a bit weird on the left side there. And they are all out of focus.

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That is a great prop! I need to start searching!

I agree about the focus though, it falls on the truck in all 3. #3 is the best one out of focus on him though.

He sure is a cutie though! Looks like he's enjoying the new prop too!

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I had a whole reply typed out and as I was posting, went down. Sad Will try to remember what I said 4.5 hours ago. Lol

cool prop!!!!!! I agree with the PPs about the focus, first thing I noticed. Also, try to process your photos together as a batch so that your WB is consistent. All three backgrounds are different shades here.

Also, pull the car away from the backdrop, it's too close to the back for these photos.

Keep at it!

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Thanks for the CC guys. I agree that I am having trouble with my backdrops. Bottom line is that I need something bigger so I don't have to mess with stretching canvases on sitting him too close. As for focus, I toggled and placed it on his eyes/face most of the time (some I center focused thogh), so I am not sure what happened there.

Is there a way to batch edit WITHOUT ACR? If so, please tell me how!

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I dont' think I could add much to pp, but I did want to chime in and say what an ADORABLE prop that is!!!!! I wish I had had something like that when Loli was that age.

I'm sure you're going to have a LOT of fun w/ it!


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Same as GiGi, nothing new. But do love that prop! To stink'n cute Biggrin