My new toy.

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My new toy.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year.

I got everything I wished for and more, what I really wanted was to have fun with family and have a good time, and that I got, the gifts were like the cherry on top.

We struggled the past few Christmas' with money so didn't get what we wanted, this year we were fortunate enough to be able to get each other what we wanted, DH got me exactly what I wanted (though I think he may want to play with it too).

Here is a shot of it.

Anyway I have enjoyed the shots I have taken with it but I am still struggling to get things perfect, any tips or hints on using a portrait lens?

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CONGRATS on the new toy!

My suggestion for your new lens is to try and find your sweet spot. For most of these wide open primes, the sweet spots will be stepped down a few paces. For example, I have a 50mm/1.4 and it's sweet spot is around f/2.2

To find the sweet spot, try taking shots of some still life. Once you have a good feel, then move on to portrait work.


Have fun!

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Cool! Congrats!

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CONGRATS! Can't wait to see some new photos. I fell in LOVE with mine when I got it! Smile You will too.

I agree with GiGi, they have a sweet spot. Mine is a Nikon 50mm,1.8 and I would say it's around 2.8-3.2!