My newborn baby's photo session (9 for CC)

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My newborn baby's photo session (9 for CC)

here are some of my new baby Cooper that I took today. What do ya'll think?

1. 3.2 1/250 ISO 800

2. 3.2 1/250 ISO 800

3. 2.5 1/320 ISO 800

4. 2.5 1/320 ISO 800

5. 2.5 1/250 ISO 800

6. 2.5 1/250 ISO 800

7. 3.2 1/100 ISO 800

8. 2.8 1/250 ISO 800

9. 2.8 1/250 ISO 800

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He's a cutie!!

I adore #7, it's my favourite, closely followed by #2.

I like the idea of number one, but I am not sure about the focus. I think I would have closed down a little to get more of him in focus.

Good try!! I remember doing my ds3's newborn pics at 16 days old and it was way harder than I thought it would be and I ended up with about 2 shots I really liked.

His skin tones don't look consistent, but I am not really qualified to comment as I am not calibrated and I have a horrible time with skin tones, lol!

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first off congratulations, he is a cutie Smile

my faves 2,7,8
#2-looks like his face is away from the light. could try turning him so more light was on him or a reflector...Like the pose

#7-love the eye contact he gave you Smile nice focus
#8-i'm a sucker for baby feet and baby toes. you chopped on the above foot...

i dont know what you use to edit with but over all they could use a bit of brightening up and skin tones evened out. I would also try #7 in a BW see how that looks Smile

Good Job!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a cutie!

#1. I like how you can see his little hand holding your finger in the back. So precious!

#8. LOVE baby feet and how small they are. I'm sure you didn't mean to chop his toe off.

I really don't have any other CC to add to what you have already recieved. You did a great job and these are adorable!

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I think you're doing wonderfully!!! These are so precious, you should be proud.
#1 is out of focus, but I like the comp and lighting.
#2-3-4, sooooo sweet!

#8 is great but just has a big-toe chop Sad I might have put more/centered more of his unfocused body in the background so that his focused feet were in the right 3rd of the frame. That's just me though.

My faves are #7 and 9, those are just extremely adorable and great eye contact and catchlights! Are those cropped in post process? Can you put his eyes more in the left 3rd of the frame?

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Adorable! Congrats. Not really CC on the photography, but just so you know, your watermark gets a little cut off in #1 and a lot cut off in #3.
4 and 7 are my favorites

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AWWWWW! My goodness, these are sweet!

1. That looks AWESOME. Especially for ISO 800. Did you run some kind of noiseware or did it just come out that clean?

2. I LOVE THIS ONE. Your composition is so nice and that yawning mouth is just too sweet. Focus looks really great.

3. Compared to the others, this looks over exposed. But I like it anyway, it has a bright and airy look. IS it possible that this one is properly exposed and some of the others are a tad underexposed? Nice bokeh here!

4. I like his positioning in this one. It's one of my favorites. The shadows are a little harsh, especially under his chin and on his neck.

5. What an adorable little bulldog! I think he looks slightly OOF here though. His shirt is in focus, but his face is soft. I think a smaller aperture here would have worked better. And with a new born who doesn't move TOO much, you can probably afford to drop your shutter speed a little bit to compensate.

6. Focus seems off on this one too. The buttons on his overalls look sharp, but his eyes seem soft. I would probably close the aperture and slow the shutter speed on this one like in #5.

7. THIS is my favorite of the set! His skin is soft and creamy, but his eyes are crisp and sharp and full of light. AWESOME!

8. I love baby feet, but the chopped toe kinda spoils this one. Everything else looks GREAT!

9. This one looks underexposed. He looks darker than in the rest of the set and more red.

GREAT JOB NICHOLE! These are FANTASTIC!!!!! Cooper is a doll and you have done a wonderful job here!


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Wow Nichole, I remember when you first joined this board and I have got to say you have come a long way. I am impressed with the progress you have made so far.
That's all I wanted to say, looks like you already got some great CC from others, keep at it girl!

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2 and 7 are my favs. I noticed skin tones too but am also uncalibrated. 1 looks a tad soft to me but it might just be my broken monitor and I didnt see anybody else mention it. Lovely set tho.

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Nothing to add, but I think you did great! My favs are #2 and 7.

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You have got an adorable little guy! My favorite is number 7 as well!

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Thanks everyone! I am very proud of myself. I think this is some of the best pictures I have taken so far! Not just saying that b/c they are of my baby either! I did some newborn pics for a friend before Cooper was born and I wish I would have taken them in the room I did these in b/c the lighting is perfect in that room for pics.

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I don't have any CC since I am super new and still learning, but I wanted to say congratulations on your baby boy! He is soooo cute! And those pics are adorable!! Did you do them in your own home?

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"JDBabyHopes" wrote:

I don't have any CC since I am super new and still learning, but I wanted to say congratulations on your baby boy! He is soooo cute! And those pics are adorable!! Did you do them in your own home?

Yep I did! I set up in the boys room bc they have bay windows and it lets in alot of light. I used the matrees crib for Cooper to lay on. DH helped me make a backdrop stand out of pvc pipe that I can take apart for easy storage. I am going to try to take some more of my other son with him. He didn't cooperate the other day!

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Awesome! Can't wait to see those! And we have the same wedding anniversary! Wink

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Very nice Smile My favorite is #7!