My ongoing project ...

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My ongoing project ...

I've been taking pictures of letters for over a month now (actually, I haven't taken much lately, need to get back on it) for the purpose of making the below image. I'm going to have it printed on canvas and hang it over my front door (on the inside). I'm not totally happy with the N, as I don't feel like it pops enough, and I need a better second E as the one I have probably isn't at a high enough resolution (it was majorly cropped). I like my A, but at the same time, it feels out of place to me. Ugh. That was my second shot of that A, my first was against brick, and it didn't stand out at all (it's on my neighbor's porch - I moved it in front of her front door to get the shot that I use below)

My goal is to create this as Christmas gifts for my family and smaller versions as teacher gifts. So I need a lot more variety in my letters, along with a lot more of the alphabet.

I'd like to know what you think of the colors. I won't tell you how many hours I've spent on this so far. For the letters, I tweaked a conversion action and used it exactly the same on each letter.

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wow that looks great Gwen! Smile seriously! looks good just the way it is. The A looks fine to me. I think the only one that is hard to tell what it is is the second E. Well maybe if both E's were somewhat the same or at least both lower case? I know it must be hard seeing letters out and about. So way to go on finding these! Smile I seriously wish I could get out more to find interesting things but I live way out of town right next to the forest so ... not much to see out here besides a lot of boring trees. lol

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That is awesome Gwen! I love it! I think the conversion works just fine.

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oh wow i love this! how creative!

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Gwen, I love this so much! I think it looks great just the way it is.

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I am completely in love with this idea Gwen!!! It's excellent!!!! How on earth did you find these letters? I'm not sure I could do a matter of fact, I guarantee you could sell these! Maybe I can buy one...? Smile

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I agree. It's very cool! My only concern, like you mentioned, would be the resolution of the letter 'e'. It's hard to tell though on the smaller image above though. I like the 'N'.

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Wow! I love this! I think the N is perfect. The only one that seems "off" (if at all!) is the A. What a great project!

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What a neat idea!! I think it looks great as it is.

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I LOVE it! I saw something like this at Hobby Lobby and I was wanting to re-create it too. I think you are doing perfect. I would LOVE this as a gift- what a great idea!

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I love it too, Gwen! And I like the N as it is. I like that there are so many different textures in the collage. I would love to do something like this as well. Smile In fact, if I can get my act together, it might make a nice gift for the inlaws this Christmas.


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I think it looks great just the way it is!!!

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thanks everyone!!!!! Smile

think this would make good teacher gifts? might do 5x15 versions on matboard so they could just display them wherever.

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YES!!!! They would make amazing gifts! Love them Gwen! Seriously!

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Neat idea!!! Looks really nice.