My sister had her baby

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My sister had her baby

Hi. I know I havent been on in a couple of weeks but its been hectic at my place, getting ready for my sister and the kids to move in with us.

Well yesterday she moved down. She was 35 weeks today but baby Dusty decided that it was her time to come, not that we had any idea, my sister wasnt feeling good and was having pain but didnt think it was labour.

I got home at 6:30 last night and amanda was not feeling well so I fed, bathed and dressed the kids(Kara, 3 1/2 and Seth who is one on november 27) put them to bed and practically had to force amanda to move. I told her I was taking her to the hospital but she just didnt want to move. I was going to ask to have a look at her to see if anything was happening just in case but instead I just forced her into the car.

Its a good thing I did, we left for the hospital at 8:50, arrived at the hospital at 9:10, had to wait 5 minutes in emergency before they would talk to me by the time I got her up to maternity it was 9:20.

Noone thought it was labour, not even the doctor or nurses, they put her on the bed to check her tummy and the head was right at the business end of things. 2 pushes and she was out.

Born at 9:27pm Her name is Dusty and she was only 4lb 3oz and she was blue when she came out. They took a while before she started to pink up. Doctor told me later it was lucky I brought her in when I did because baby would have been born at home on the floor and I probably would not have been able to save her myself.
Then my sister lost a lot of blood and they had to work on her fast too. Ended up losing 2 litres of blood all together. I just know that if I had not have acted so forcefully that today there might have been a different outcome.

About 1am Amanda was so tired but begging to see the baby so they wheeled her to NICU to see her and they let me go with her.

She is just about the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. So tiny and perfect and she has lips like her sister and a bald head like her brother.

I had my camera in the car but everything just happened so quickly that I only had my iphone.

but here she is anyway. She is the first baby I have seen born and it happened so quickly I wish I had of had my camera because the look on my sisters face was priceless it was full on shock at what had happened. I also got to tell her the baby was a girl as she didnt know what she was having.

[img]" alt="" />
73766_459523864429_617599429_5282149_1929372_n by cazzoom74, on Flickr[/IMG]

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wow what crazy story and an amazing experience, congratulations on your new niece!!!

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Wow what a story, you did such an amazing thing, glad to hear mom and baby are doing ok. Congrats to your sister.

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I'm so glad you took control of the situation, that's just an incredible story!!!!

Congrats to your sister. How long will Dusty be in NICU?

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Ditto! Great sister you are!!! Congrats!!

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wow you are an amazing sister, thank goodness you took control... Congrats to you all on the precious baby girl

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this story brought tears to my eyes, Cazz! I'm so glad that was the day that your sister moved in with you. She's so lucky to have you and I hope that baby Dusty will be home with the rest of you REAL soon!

post some newborn shots as soon as you get the chance!



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Wow, great story, and what a great sister you are!

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AMAZING story! TFS! I will have your family in my prayers.

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Thanks everyone.

My sister is doing good. She now has colour in her face at least.

Baby Dusty is just precious and doing well, breathing on her own and as soon as she hits 2 kilograms(4.4 lbs) she's allowed out of the NICU. Then if she is doing good and putting on weight she'll be allowed home. she is just so tiny, I got to see her again last night and I took my niece Kara in. She was in such awe of this tiny little sister and she got to tickle her little foot, Dusty rewarded her by opening one eye and had a smiley look on her face. Big sister is in love Biggrin

I'm going to try and get a couple more photos but once she is home with us I can have the camera out whenever I want Smile

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WOW! Great story! Congratulations to your sister!

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Wow, good for you for being so forceful! Congrats!!

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Congrats Cazz to your sister! Now you have a model to work with Smile

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Thanks again,

we found out today that baby Dusty actually had to have CPR for the first minute of her life and that she would have probably not made it if she had of been born at home.

I have actually had nightmares every night since she was born that I made the wrong decision and called an ambulance instead of throwing her into my car and of the baby not making it.

She is doing very well now. Still in the NICU and probably in the humidicrib for another week but she is breathing on her own and very strong willed, hates the feeding tube in her nose and constantly trying to take it out.

I have posted pics in another thread from tonight.

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What an amazing thing you all went thru! WOW, I'm so glad your sister was with you and you were forcefull in taking her to the ER. She is precious!

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I'm a newbie here, but just wanted to give my congtats to you and your family. What an AMAZING story. It was God's will for her to be there with you; I really believe that. And... I love the name Dusty Rose, btw. Wink

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So glad you had the nerve and instinct to take your sister in. It sounds like everyone is doing great and I hope baby Dusty can go home soon.