My sons ball picture

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My sons ball picture

My son is playing t-ball this year. The photographer that was taking the pictures prices are way high so we can't afford them So we are going to buy the team picture and I took some of Christopher myself. How does this look? Does it look a tad bit to blue? It was getting dark after his game when I took them. I want to print a bunch and give them out to familiy and friends and want them to look really good. It may be my husband computer. Mine is broke.

IMG_9513 by Nichole Coleman Photography, on Flickr

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Yes, it is blue. I can see it in his face and the line behind him.

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I'm not calibrated, but I'm also seeing blue. Are your blacks clipped? They look pretty dark, so you may want to add some fill light.

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Love his little smile!

I think family would love this pose, but yes, just try to rework the pp - I agree - blacks too black and just generally maybe under exposed on his face. If you shot in RAW maybe you can bring up exposure some...?

And if you reshoot, maybe try for just before the game and I bet you'd get some beautiful light just as the sun is going down! If you do reshoot maybe turn him slightly more towards you also.

Ooh, and I totally dread paying for all the childhood expenses!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Really cute! Love his smile! I can't add anything more to the CC that's been given, but wanted to say that his smile sure is adorable.

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What a cutie! He looks like he is really enjoying himself.

I'm at work and seriously uncalibrated, but I see a bit of blue in the white part of his shirt.

I think your family will love this!

Logan's first year of playing soccer, he wanted to get the 'trading cards' to give to his grandmother so we shelled out the $ for the 'official' photos. They actually gave them back to us with his eyes CLOSED! And they would not reshoot.

That was the last time I have bought school or sport individual photos. I buy his class photo for school, but I even take my own team photos as well - usually before or after a game.

ANYWAY ... have fun with the season and take lots of pics! Sports photography is my favorite and I would love to see what you get. Biggrin

Take care!