My stab at Xmas pics

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My stab at Xmas pics

So I tried really hard... DH put my youngest in a traditional chinese clothing, the older one however had other clothes in mind...

I asked him to hug his brother and this is what I get... :trout2: CC welcome

ISO 400, SS 1/80, f 4.5, speedlight fired

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OH how cute!!!! This photo made me giggle...hehe Love where his hand is on his little brother. Awww! Smile

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That is adorable!!!! Love the expression on your youngest!

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ROFL Too stinking cute! I understand exactly what you are going through! I remember having TONS of pics of Ruthie and Randy like that!

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So cute and precious. Smile

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It may not be what you had in mind, but it sure is cute!!!


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Hahahaha! Priceless!

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Gotta love kids! That is something you could use as a humorous Christmas card. ROFL

It is a cute shot.

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Love it, can't wait to be able to take pics like that next year.