My Tyson!

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My Tyson!

As you all know I post so many shots of Jazz cause she is just easy and not a challenge for me but I have been trying to take my boys out and get some REAL practice. My son Tyson is like the energizer bunny! He never slows down for me to get a shot of him. The other day I told him we were going downtown milwaukee to take pictures and he said okay!?!
Still unedited and sooc but I really like this shot cause it looks like him. Dh does not like when I make the boys smile too much or do things like all white matching outfits or shirts that they would never wear so I told Tyson to wear whatever he wanted and look however he wanted. Turns out dh was right this is one of my favorite shots of him. (Besides the dirty rail that I have to fix)

I am so behind on editing but I will add a bunch of what I have been doing after I ask my boss if it's okay to post:)


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Nice shot! He sure has beautiful eyes, wow!

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Nice one! It's always good to tell them to be themselves. That's how I usually get the shots that I like the best. I do try to give just a bit of direction though. With this one, he's leaning forward a little too much for my liking, making him look kind of uncomfortable (which he probably was, because he was getting his picture taken Wink ). I would have had him lean back on the wall just slightly. It would have given him a little more relaxed feel. I can't wait to see what you do with this during PP! I think you have some great textures going on with the wall that can really be popped Smile

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"TracyF" wrote:

Nice shot! He sure has beautiful eyes, wow!


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That is one handsome boy!! I love that you love him being himself Smile I think it's a great shot.

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Great shot, I hope you share this after some PP.

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I too like to have them be themselves. I think if he would have leaned back against the wall, it would have made him look not so uncomfortable. With some PP, this could be FUN! He's one handsome boy!

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Thanks girls, I did tell him to lean back. I will go thru the pics and post one where he was:)