My very first newborn... talk about tough!

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My very first newborn... talk about tough!

Ugh... it was tougher than I thought. I was glad that I had natural light to work with. The parents specifically wanted her awake for the shoot.

I need fresh eyes help with color, etc. etc... Pleaaase Smile

I have several more to edit. But man was I sweating this one. And being 7+ mos pregnant is no help. I had to be on my knees for the most part.

ISO 320, f3.5, SS 1/200 (setting around this range)

Color or B/W?

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So nice..... jealous of the skin tones,

Love # 2 in colour!


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Those are great. I like both the color and B&W, but I like the red tint in the hair with the color one. Great job!

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I get so sore after newborn sessions! I think that the images are phenominal!

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I agree I live the red hair in the colour. Only thing I don't care for is the diaper, looks a little odd with the mom's sleeve cutting it off, more obvious to me in the b/w

great job Smile

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Beautiful! that 2nd one looks great both ways but I agree that color is better there.

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These are great! I can't be on my knees for long, let alone being 7+ mo pregnant! You are amazing!

My fav is #2. Normally, I like b&w's on babies, but the hair color and skin of this baby is great! Normally their skin doesn't look that least mine didn't.

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These are great! I think the skin tones look right on, but Im at work. I think you did a great job! I think for future shoots, I may prefer a lighter pink for newborn shots. I love that color for older babies tho. Probably just personal opinion. The last one is my fave! Ive tried really hard to get that shot, and not ever gotten it that nice.

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wow, they all look great! the colors look good to me ... except baby's color seems to need more red in the last one - she seems too pale to me there. as far as the color vs. b&w, I like the color on that one. but the b&w is really nice too, so it's a close call. Smile

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for #2 ... you HAVE to do both! they're like totally different shots, both wonderful in their own way!

this might have been a tough shoot for you, but it doesn't show here! WOW!