My Xmas card

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My Xmas card

Here is my christmas card. I'm SOOO late I hope it makes it to people (not worried about the locals but I have a few internationals eek)

HUGE thanks to Amber........:udawoman:, she edited the photos for me. The front of the card is from an ILP share and the back is just a quick thing I did copying the colour from the front. I tried three printing places today, first two came back crap, one I expected the other I was shocked and worried. But in the end I have them, now the rest of my evening is spent at least getting the internationals written

Left-Back and Right - Front Smile

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I like it! I love the front sweet!

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Can't see photobucket....:confused:

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Looking good!

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"sadieruth" wrote:

Can't see photobucket....:confused:

really? hmmm I've never had anyone experience problems before seeing the images I share, is there something I can try? or maybe photobucket happened to be down the moment you checked?

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Very cute. You both did a great job Smile

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love them!!!

Sadie just can't see photobucket from work Sad

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very cute. i hope you got them out on time Smile

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Looks great! Too cute!

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Very cute! I just got my cards out today, so don't feel bad!:eekout:

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Im loving the blue and deep red together! I may try to use the fancy blue background for my dd's second bday party coming up in march! I actually dreamed about making her inviation last night.... can we say obsessed? lol