Natalie's Fall Photos (CC welcome)

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Natalie's Fall Photos (CC welcome)

Since I opted to not purchase the fall school photos from Natalie's school, I decided to go out and do my own, I haven't done much editing just changed the color of some of her clothing to make it match.

You can see these and the originals in this thread.

ISO 200 F/4 SS 1/500

ISO 200 F/4 SS 1/500

ISO 200 F/3.2 SS 1/800

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Aw, she is very sweet, Amanda! What a great little grin she has! #3 is my favourite because of the smile and the eye contact. The whole thing looks like it could be brightened and warmed up a little, but they're sweet shots! And kudos to you on the editing to change the undershirt to match, wow! I have not been able to figure out how to do that in GIMP.

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Looks like she had a really good time for these photos!

My favorite is also #3. She just looks so naturally happy in this one. The fact that she is in shadow, I think, is giving it that cooler feel. A little fill light and maybe a boost in the contrast might help.

What a truly sweet set though! I hope you had asmuch fun as it looks like she did. Smile


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#3 isn't favourite too. I think she could do with a touch of warming and /or brightening but great job!

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Boy you have a cutie there! I gave you some CC in the other thread Smile