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Nature CC

Seems like my brother and I will be using our Friday afternoons to get out and about to take pics. These are from the local arboretum. It's not spring yet and we can't wait to go there when things ARE in bloom, but we had a good time.

1/80 F 2.8 ISO 400

My try at a sun flare
1/150 F 22 ISO 100

1/640 F 2.5 ISO 100

1/3200 F 2.8 ISO 200

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Nice job! I LOVE the last one, the colors and focus are beautiful. I'm having a blonde moment, is that a Sedum?

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Thank you, Amy_&_Eva.

I actually have no clue. I forgot to look at the placard :confused:

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I love all three, but particularly the last one. Good depth. Well done!

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I too love them all, but my fav is the last one! Great job getting out there!

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