Nature/Scenic Photos CC Please (Pic Heavy)

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Nature/Scenic Photos CC Please (Pic Heavy)

Hello ladies, I have been working on some tips you have suggested and reading a lot about different photography techniques. I have given these things a try and I was wondering what you thought of my work so far. All of these photos are SOOC there was no editing done except to watermark them. I put the settings above them so you know what I was using to take the pictures. They were all done in manual mode with no flash. Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.

1. f/4, 1/250sec, ISO-80

2. f/5, 1/250sec, ISO-200

3. f3.5, 1/640sec, ISO-80

4. f4.5, 1/1600sec, ISO-400

5. f/4, 1/800sec, ISO-100

6. f4.5, 1/250sec, ISO-400

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Just a couple of thoughts from me. I could be way off base though, since I'm just now starting to "get" it. Wink

#1 - I kinda feel like there's a bit to much shadow to it. Maybe wait until the shadow is over the flower next time so you don't get harsh shadows. Also, as far as comp goes, I feel like it's a little centered for me.

#3 - I think the focus fell on the stump behind the shell. The sky is pretty bright. But I like the idea behind this one!

#6 - The sky is bright again, and the Peacock is pretty centered.

Great job getting out there and practicing! It really is the only way to learn! You're definately on the right track!

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You have some nice ideas here, I think. I'm very newbie and not too 'qualified', but my thoughts are:

1 -- Yeah, the shadows don't do the violet justice. I'd probably try to get a different angle so as not to get the dirt in the background if possible, too.

2 -- This one's very pretty. Just take it a bit off-center and it'd be a bit stronger, I think.

3 -- The shell is a bit OOF, otherwise it's a nice idea.

5 -- The light puts the peacock mostly in shade so it's not so breath-taking as it might be.

6 -- The light is much better, just again too centered. (Something I do ALL the time myself, still working on not centering things so much!!!)

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Stephanie, I love #2, great job! The sunset is beautiful too! You already received good CC for the others, keep at it, you're doing well! Smile

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Nothing to add to the CC, love how #2 turned out.

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Hi there! Youre off to a great start. Here's my CC:

#1. If you had made the front of the flower your focus it would have worked better. The purple and yellow provide such a great color contrast, so you want to show that off more next time. I'd put it a little off center too, just for visual interest.

#2. The focus is great here, good job! Again, I'd try a different crop to make it more interesting.

#3. You really want the shell to be in focus, not the wood behind it. It's a great idea though, and I like that you have a good eye for interesting subjects/objects.

#4. Beautiful!

#5. Okay, this is something I just learned about. I don't know what type of camera you're working with, but if you have a meter button it comes in handy for photos like this! If you wanted the peacock to be exposed properly you'd set the meter mode to sample your subject, not the background or the entire picture. That way your camera knows what your intentions are instead of just guessing. I'm still learning and playing with it, but it has made a huge difference for me! I think one of the more experienced ladies could elaborate on this MUCH better than me, so I'll stop now. Smile

#6. Beautiful exposure on this picture! It just needs a tighter, more off centered crop and maybe a little tiny bit of cloning in PS!


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Lovely set! here are my thoughts:

1. beautiful color! focus looks nice too.

2. love this composistion! and the bokeh is really great.

3. focus looks a little off here ... like it fell on the stump just behind the shell. I like your composition here and even the tilt works.

4. this may be my favorite of the set. I love it!

5. I think this would work better either with exposure set for the bird or as a full on sillouette. As it is, I keep trying to make out more detail in the peacock. Nice sky! And wonderful perspective.

6. beautiful bird! you might try upping the saturation a bit or a curves bump to make the colors pop a little more. I love this one too!

Again, really lovely set Stephanie!