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    I have a friend who wants me to take some pictures of her 1-year old. I haven't done a 1-year old (besides my own DD and hadn't began into photography then either) yet, only babies so far. I have no backdrops or plexi. I tried this morning to see what a plain white sheet would look like. This is what I got with using my DD as my model:

    I didn't change the WB in camera and did it in levels in PS. That's all I did to this picture. I didn't iron the sheet and realize I should do that. But I need advice on what to do with all the wrinkles on the bottom. Would this white sheet even work?? What about for a cake smash session? Or should I just invest in some plexi.. how much does that cost and what size?? I have no idea about any of this as I have never done any studio type stuff, so I might not even do it.

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    I got a sheet of acrylic..I think it's 32"x44" for about $25. For cake smash pictures especially, you'll want a piece, so that it protects your white sheet/paper/fleece. It also smooths out the wrinkles on the floor...if it were me, I'd run out and get a piece--I think it's ok to use the white sheet as long as it's ironed. You'll also want to pull your subject away from the backdrop just a bit.

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    Do you have like a fluffy rug of some sort, to put on the bottom so you don't have to deal with wrinkles? I would look into that if you don't have time to get plexi. I would suggest pinning, the sheet to a wall, so again no wrinkles. Hope that works.
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    Ooh I love your new picture Jacquie!!! I like the idea of putting a rug there!!! I never thought of that. For now when I do pics like that I just smooth out the wrinkles in PSP.

    What was your lighting setup here?

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    I do have a rag-type rug- kinda shaggy I guess?- I'll have to take a picture and get your opinions on it. Otherwise, I just might get some plexiglass. Kinda embarassing, but is that the same as acrylic??

    Amy- I just hung the sheet down over our dining table and there is a large window in front of her for lighting.

    I have no room to go back any further though so I will have to pin it to the wall and not use the table. I just wanted to get a quick look if this would even work when I did it this morning.

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