Need advice for a newborn shoot

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Need advice for a newborn shoot

Well, technically she's a month old now, so she will have a little more meat on her bones. Smile

I will be taking some pictures on Monday of my friend's (first) baby. This will be my first newborn shoot since I've built some confidence in myself. Here's the list of what I have so far:

-Small heater (the kind that blows the heat)
-Prefold diapers to use underneath for bare bottom photos (I have 6 I believe)-
-I plan on finding a bean bag either today or tomorrow for positioning
-We are planning to do simple shots--colored blanket/fabric as backdrop across the bean bag, and a headband.

I would like to get a few of the 2 of them together, but was planning to have those be more natural shots... like her sitting in the rocking chair/glider, and possibly a silouette of her standing in front of the nursery window rocking the baby.

Any advice, pointers, or shot ideas? Thanks in advance for anything you might have to add. Smile

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Ok, so my friend has been sick today. We are going to push it back until Sat. And I forgot to ask-- don't I was to schedule it for a time when she will be ready for a nap?

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My best advice (which you can ignore if you want b/c I have only done a few!) is to allow for PLENTY of time. Baby will need to eat and eat and poop. From what I have heard, 1 month is going to be hard to get some squishy, sleepy, posey pics. It's best to do newborns around the first week, but since that's already gone, I would say just work with what you have. You may or may not be able to get lots of posey pics, but it sounds like you want more lifestyle ones anyways. Just have fun with it and try not to stress out!

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I'm on my phone, so sorry for any typos!

I think that at that age, you shouldn't expect to get many sleepy shots. They're not usually very sleepy/willing to sleep for posed shots. I would do more lifestyle shots at this age. Maybe some of baby in the crop, mom rocking baby, etc... Try to get lots of angles of the same shot, so you can get lots of different looks. Good luck and have fun!!

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if you haven't already done the shoot...(what day is it, who am i and what's my name?) I've done a one month old before and it is definitely a challenge! They don't sleep as easily so the 'typical newborn poses' are sorta out, but you also may luck out and get him to sleep a little. Keep it warm even if you sweat like crazy and if your heater isn't loud than a white noise machine or something like a hair dryer helps. Best of luck!!! Smile

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"rlcummings1223" wrote:

if you haven't already done the shoot...(what day is it, who am i and what's my name?)

LOL I know the feeling. Smile

Thanks ladies. I'm planning on being there for a few hours. This way if it's not working out, we can take a break and come back to it again. My twins were premies, so I guess they stayed in that newborn stage longer. ?? They were closer to 2 months before they started staying awake longer. We'll see what we can get. Perhaps we'll get lucky and catch her when she's sleepy.

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