Need Camera Advice?

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Need Camera Advice?

Hi everyone,

I want to get a camera for DH for Christmas. I also want to sign him up for lessons at the local college.

Any suggestions? I was thinking a DSLR. He likes the Canon Rebels I believe.


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It really depends on what he wants to do with it. As a beginner, 3 years ago I chose the Rebel Xt because it was a good beginner DSLR for me and allowed me some growth with different lenses. I'm still happy with it. I'd reccommend checking out this link for some reviews and comparisons. Good luck!!

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I have the Rebel XTi and it's a great camera. Does he WANT a DSLR? I'm guessing yes because you said he likes the Rebel. Anyhow, I have it and I really like it.

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I just want to second going to ... it's a great site and allows you to compare specific models side by side.

good luck!

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I think you should research, and then go and test them out. Pick them up and see how they feel. I honestly thought I wanted the Canon, but then I picked up the Nikon and I just knew! Biggrin