Need editing help! Backlit and crazy haze

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Need editing help! Backlit and crazy haze

I am having a heck of a time PP'ing any of the images of my youngest. I shot them with my 70-210 (he's at THAT age where he doesn't want me in his face) and it doesn't have a lens hood. It was about 8.15pm and had just dropped really cold but the light was yummy.
Now, my boy is pretty pale IRL but he isn't grey although his jacket is. I would LOVE the see some plays on this, so have included a SOOC at 1024px. If you do play, could you please list the steps. I have cs5.


My edit - Not sure about the colours. He looks kind of magenta to me, but I am useless with colour casts. Goes a long way to explaining why I love B&W!

and because I lurve B&W!

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Oh Kerry, I just love the B&W!! Not sure about the magenta either, it's there, but hmm. Have you tried a selective color layer? IDK if that would work. The B&W is amazing though!!

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I too LOVE the B&W! Smile

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both of your edits look great, but the b&w really steals the show! mind sharing your process? You do b&w WELL!


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Such a cute cute photo!! I'm sorry that I'm no good at PP Sad

I do agree that the black and white is adorable.

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I LOVE it in B&W!!!! Looks great! I can't help on colors though, cause I'm clueless! Wink

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I LOVE that b&w! Wow. That's a great conversion! I need to learn how to do a good b&w without an actions! Lol

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this is the best that i could come up with with a jpeg file Smile i'm sure it is easier with a raw file. in ACR all I did was increase the exposure just a tad and increased blacks and contrast quite a bit. And I messed around with a few other things like curves in ACR. Increased the darks pretty much. Then I did a bit of editing in PS. If you'd like the psd file i can email it to ya if you want to know how I got these results. I was just messing around pretty much. Smile

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Thanks! It never occured to me to do most of my edit in ACR. I might give that a try with the others from this set. Thanks for the steps.

LOL at the rest of you, I LOVE B&W but my dh is saying this image needs to be in colour!

I did learn something from this shoot though, I NEED a reflector or at least need to remember to take my foamboard with me (mind you, it was windy as heck, it would have blown away)

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I NEVER remember to bring anything reflective ... I need to do that. Lol

I'm also loving the B&W ... and I've been doing most of my edits in ACR too, sure helps!

gotta love yummy light! Wink

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Here's my play. I edited in CS5.

First I cropped at 11x15 ratio. Opened a curves layer and went into each individual channel and shortened the range (I am probably not using the correct terms here, but hopefully you'll understand what I mean) by dragging each end towards the middle until it touched the beginning of the histogram - this took care of the haze and some other stuff. Then I warmed it up by dropping the center point in the blue channel of curves and then doubled that layer, inverted, and masked back the skin because that was still too cool. I opened yet another curves layer and clicked on his skin to find the point to adjust and then pulled that upwards until the photo was at a tolerable exposure level. He was still underexposed so I ran MCP's Touch of Light and masked him. Then I did a basic S-curve in curves. Duplicated the background and reduced the red channel to help with the redness in his skin. That is all I did. If it were my photo I probably would have done a few more things to it, but this is just a very basic clean edit. I forgot to sharpen for web... it's been a long day. Smile

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excuse my drive-by edit (and poor typing - second edit of the post lol I'll learn to type one day!), I used to post here a lot but lately I just lurk when I have some time and I loved this image and was bored so I had a play, figured I may as well post it Smile

I love your edits but you're right the colour one is still pretty magenta. I took it into lightroom and his skin in the original is purple (should be orange) so I warmed it up a fair bit, adjusted the tint added some blacks, selectively adjusted exposure on his face/the background and added a couple of graduated filters (exposure and contrast). If you've played with lightroom you'll probably know what all that is, if not it's worth a look and the beta version of LR3 is free to use for a while at the moment so I recommend giving it a go. I cropped it and lost part of your stamp in the bottom corner so added a watermark. I quite like the hazy look to backlit photos and think they should be quite warm so I didn't go too far with the contrast, you could easily add some from this point though or take some warmth out.

Anyhoo this is my play.

Thanks for the chance to play it's a fun shot and he's adorable!

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What a honey!!!! I personally prefer the black and white of this shot.