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Need Fans!

Hey You guys...I'm really trying to get on top of all my business stuff...and I could really use more fans for my photography facebook page.

Anyone willing to add me...just follow this link. THANKS!

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Done! Our local photographer tags the crap out of her clients when she posts their pictures. Since you know how when one of your friends gets tagged in a photo, you see it in your feed? And then you just got that many more people to see your work!

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I added you. Love the pic of you and Nathan!

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I became a fan earlier this evening when I saw Esti became your fan. I didn't know you posted here about it till now Smile

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definitely tag your clients, it's the best free advertising!!

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you've been fanned Smile

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Added you!

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Thanks guys! Excellent tip about tagging...definitely going to do some tagging from now on.

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added ya too!

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Fanned you!

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fanned you too Smile

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happy to fan you!!

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Fanned you too! I LOVE your work!