Need head-swap help

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Need head-swap help

Ok, I want to make this pic nice for my parents. My dad NEVER smiles, and NEVER lets me take the pic. The thing is, I want his face on the one with my mom laying her head on his shoulder. Any help?? I tried an tried and FAILED. His beard is messing me up. I know he looks mad, but that's just him! Wink

mom&dad needing edited2 by sadieruth, on Flickr

mom&dad needing edited by sadieruth, on Flickr

I can email the SOOC or whatever you need. I just need help.

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the comp is slightly different as are the skin tones so those would have to be adjusted but maybe try just swapping his eyes/nose/mouth and seeing if you can get them to line up? I've only done eye swapping successfully like 2x so i'm not too great at it

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Might be easier to swap her head instead?

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I had the same thought as Amy, but I've never tried a head swap.