Need help/CC with this image...

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Need help/CC with this image...

My SIL requested that I take a picture of my boys just for her. OMG, it is NOT easy to get a 3-yr-old (well, he will be 3 tomorrow!) and a 16-month-old to both cooperate and look and smile at the same time. So anyway, this was the best one I could get and I just thought maybe you guys could help me improve it. My monitor isn't calibrated or anything, so I don't know how close (or far) the colors are. TIA for any help! Comp is what it is, lol... Yes, my older one looks like he's trying to choke my younger one, hahaha...

50mm, ISO 200, f/4 (used speedlite)

So sorry, I keep trying to resize this and it ends up either huge or tiny...

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It's adorable! They aren't quite looking at the camera but at least they're both looking in one shared direction! Biggrin and the background is a little wild but I like it....makes them look a little cool or maybe their skin is a little too yellow, not sure.

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IDK. I think their skin looks more yellow than cool, but who knows. I am exhausted! I agree, I think you did good. A 3 year old is hard enough, add in another younger kid- impossible! LOL!

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Skin tones look good to me

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I just wrote a long post and lost it! Anyways, my younger 2 are about the same ages and to get them to sit is very hard for me so good for u on that! I think the backround is a little too busy that it keeps taking my attention away from the boys. I say throw some rolled up jeans on them with no shirts and let them go play in a field together. The shots that work out best for me are the more natural ones where they are playing with eachother. Love the chairs you used!

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I do agree with the background being a bit distracting, blurring the background (could be done in PP) still would have given the fun colour pattern but made it a tad bit less distracting. Another thing that may have worked is put shirts on the boys that would have popped, maybe red, orange or yellow.

That said I do love the fact that you managed to get to boys that young to look towards the camera, the focus seems good too.