Need help with color casts

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Need help with color casts

I had a photo shoot today and the mom put the boys in bright orange shirts. They look fine on them, just they are creating some hard color casts to get rid of. I use PSE....

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I'm not sure about PSE as I have never had it but this is a very simple way to play with colour casts, suggested by an extremely talented friend of mine. I hope it works for you

Create a second layer
Change the layer from normal to colour
Filter> Blur> Average.

Then bring the opacity of the layer down to zero and work your way back up. usually about 10 to 15 % is the magic number.

Then erase out everything that looks funny in that layer. Might not need to do this though if its a whole image cast.

It's not a fix it all and it doesn't work on every image but it does help.