Need help now!!!!!

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Need help now!!!!!

OK, In about 2 hours I a heading out for a session with NEWBORN TWINS! I am excited, ready and have lots of good pose ideas (it has to be a kind short shoot since I have to go to a wedding right after). I have been through a crazy time lately and haven't gotten familiar with my new Canon 50D and have been having trouble with focus, but I will take it as well as my handy dandy powershot Smile

Now for the "problem" I really love using black backgrounds with babies, but these gorgeous little ones are dark and might not show up as well. I have searched the web and flickr, but almost all the newborn photography, esp for twins, features white babies.

I have limited fleece option, but am open to ideas. PLEASE HELP!

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I wouldn't use the dark you'll probably lose their hair or something by it blending it.
what about a cream?

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Heres a few I took of a dark skinned baby on cream, i did some on black and didnt love them as much. But I was able to light it so that he didn't blend in to badly.

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I hadn't thought of cream... I had a mental block not wanting to use white or tan. I have a lavender that might look neat in black and white conversions too

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How did it go?