Need help picking out a new lens.

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Need help picking out a new lens.

I need to replace my stock lens that came with my camera. It keeps messing up on me (not wanting to focus and want let me take the pic) when I go to best buy it works right so they say nothing is wrong with it. I have about 300 to work with right no to get a new lens. The only lens I have is my 50mm. I want one I can zoom in and out on. These are the 2 I was looking at. One thing I want is if I am in a small room (like my Sunday school room) I may need to zoom back with the lens (if that makes sense) to get everyone in the shot. Thats the probablem with just having a 50mm is that I can zoom in and out. I have a Canon Rebel Xs DSLR

Canon - 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Zoom Lens

Canon - 55-250mm f/4-5.6 Telephoto Zoom Lens for Select Canon Cameras

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If you want to be able to zoom back in order to get a shot in a small room, the lenses you mentioned above will not help you. You need a wide angle lens for that, and what you posted is telephoto.
I'm a nikon girl, so I can't recommend an exact lens, but again, if you want something wider for tight spots, look for something like a 24mm or 35mm. The 35 is probably cheaper. The nikon version of the 35 is fantastic...although it's a fixed lens, and you said you wanted something with zoom.

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I struggled with this when my 18-55mm kit lens broke on me. All I had at the time was that one and the 55-250mm, so I really had no idea which way to go, as I didn't want to just replace my kit lens. I was actually looking at the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8, until an old friend of mine just flat out gave my an extra one of her kit 18-55mm for free.

The Tamron looks like it's a bit above your budget though...

I must say, that I really like my 55-250mm lens. Personally, I like the background compression that a longer lens gives you. My biggest grief with it is that with my camera (Rebel XTi), I can't get enough light in sometimes. That's a problem with my camera though, and I need an upgrade. So using it in the house is about impossible due to light, and also because it's too long on my crop sensor camera.

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I wonder if they have a lens you can try when you go to the store. That would really help me. My stock lens was a 18-55mm. I was able to get shots in small places like I wanted. I would like something like it but that has a little bit more zoom. I am goign to a couple of concerts and a wrestling event and want to get some good shots from my seat!

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Will the Tameron lenses work on Canon cameras?

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tamron makes canon and nikon specific lenses so you just have to specify which you want. I'm a nikon-er but it looks like the 28-135 would be a good option for is $400+ but you could probably ebay or find it used somewhere cheaper.

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The tamron lens that Stephanie mentioned is amazing. I bought it back in march and would spend every cent on it again. At the time I had my kit lens, my 50mm, and the 70 300mm zoom. With those 3 lenses I was unable to get wide enough if I was in a small room. I read review after review and finally hit buy. It is a little over your budget but well worth saving up for.

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I have a kit lens for my Canon 60D that is 18-135mm, sounds like it'd be in line with what you want. Nextag has them listed for as low as $300. I mean, if you can get a better lens, by all means! But if you want the wider angle with a bit more zoom, that would be a good multi-purpose lens. I'm fairly happy with it as kit lenses go (thoguh I reallly would rather have a 50mm prime for the kids!!).

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Ditto all of the above. I have a Tamron 75-300mm and there is no way I could use it in a small room LOL.

But it is pretty darned great for telephoto and even some macro. I too love the added depth/compression that bigger zooms provide.

I would love to have the 28-75mm f/2.8. And so many other things.....*sigh* LOL