Need help with a shadow on a pic!

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Need help with a shadow on a pic!

I took my friends wedding pictures this weekend and in some of them there is shadows. I think maybe it had to do with some other people there taking pics while i was. Could that have been it? Because it is just some of them. I used my speedlight and bounced the light off the ceiling. Anyways..Is there anyway I can get rid of the shadow? I have Photoshop but I am not the best at doing stuff like that on it. Here is one of the pictures that has the shadow.


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You could try the heal or patch tool to see if you can remove the shadow.

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I had a play. It is on my private flickr. I'll take it down after awhile.


I selected the shadow with the magic wand and did a levels adjustment and a color balance adjustment. I had to do it in two sections because the floor shadow was different than the white shadow. Then I cloned the edge of the selection to blend it in. It was a quick and sloppy job but I think it is possible to do with a bit of time.

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Great job Steph! I would have done it similarly too.

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Thanks so much! It looks great. Let me see if I can do it to. i have a couple with a shadow in it.

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nice edit Steph. Smile

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So far I am not good at fixing the shadow.....I'm so frustrated with it!

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Wow Steph, great job! It's amazing what can be done when you have the right software and know how to use it!